Another sad and tragic case of a police office drunk driving and the "light" consequences faced by this officer sees the Winnipeg force in the lights today.

According to the article: 
His blood-alcohol level was nearly triple the legal limit. He was driving his motorcycle into oncoming traffic. He crashed into the median, injuring both himself and his helmetless female passenger. And he walked away with a $1,500 fine, a one-year licence suspension and continued employment as a Winnipeg police officer.

OK Folks - I understand how dangerous and demanding the job is. I understand how scary and how mentally damaging it can be - but really? This is the punishment?

I think the upper echelons of the force need some training on identifying issues with their staff and I think the sentences for officers need to be as tough or tougher than on you or me. They after all are the ones meeting out many of the punishments for breaking the law and lord knows many of them look at themselves as judge and jury at the road side and truly the police control this country more than the politicians do anymore. 
My personal opinion is that this man, like Cpl Robinson should loose their jobs - a criminal record should preclude you from being an officer, but hey, what do I know I am just a mouthy old broad...I find it insulting that police officers can get away with so much and we ordinary citizens - well we'd be jacked up for a long time if we did something this stupid...

In other news: Corner Grass kicks some serious butt on the ice, in Red Deer a member of the Hells Angels reportedly gets in to a brawl with two women...

Anniversary BMW R1200R raises $20,800 - bike is sold to raise funds for children's rights organization and if you really feel the need to talk  while riding - you and three buddies can now talk using the Scala G4 Bluetooth head set.

If you are among the fortunate who are riding, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you. For the rest of us, voting for the Beat the PMS Blues on line Show 'n' Shine begins tomorrow!

Have an incredible day folks!

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  1. Chalk it up to the power of their unions, ironically some of the most militant in the country.

    I'm with you. A criminal conviction and you're looking for work as a PI.