Metzler has come out with a new tire for naked and sportbikes.
I first read about the tire on CMG On Line when I was sifting through the news feeds this morning.

Then I went to the Metzler Web Site...It is a very intriguing tire design and as the editor's over at CMG aptly noted, the new tire will aid accident investigators.

The biggest problem that I see with the tire is that most seasoned riders will look at it, the markings and the tread pattern and go - Yeah, right, longer life - high performance - engineered for both wet and dry riding - this tire is designed to be an all season tire - good at everything and yet wonderful at nothing. It is no different than any other tire out there. Or is it? I'd love to find a really good sportbike rider and put this tire under him/her and discover whether the claims they make about "optimising the total area of the tyre footprint at every lean angle with up to an 8% increase, while improving also its shape and pressure distribution. This success is felt in every situation: with an increased stability in a straight line, better contact feel at the central part of the curve and safe grip at full lean."

In the news today:

H-D names military contest winner

Lou DeVouono talks about the Highway of Heros Ride

and Kawasaki UK announces a new test ride site.

If you are lucky enough to be riding today - PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you. Otherwise, come visit our on line show 'n' ain't called Beat the PMS Blues for nothing!

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