This has been a rather emotional week for me.
Our 7th anniversary of the paper, my wedding anniversary and...I got a letter from the motorcycle dealership in town that I have had an on going "personality clash" with for the last 7 years.

That letter caused me to realize that I will never, ever live down the mistake I made all of those years ago. It also made me realize that my involvement in the two local charities that I have supported all these years may actually have been hurting them - or so I am being told. I wrote about this issue back in September on the 11th of 2009 for those wishing to understand the background and politics.

I decided that if my being involved is truly what is holding this dealership and the members of its riding club back from supporting Toys for Tots and A.I.M.Can then it was time to test that theory.
So I have resigned from both causes on the local level.

Time will tell if the dealer and the riding club decide to step up and get involved and if they don't well then perhaps I can quit allowing myself to be used as a whipping post. If they do step up then both A.I.M.Can and every injured rider in our region and the kids of our area will win and at the end of the day that is ALL that I care about. I truly hope that the dealer - if he is reading this blog as his letter indicates to me he does, realizes that I AM challenging him and his riding club - step up or shut up.
If I really am the reason you don't get involved - then you now no longer have that as an excuse.

My last meetings, where in I was filling everyone in on what I had done and organized and what I had that needed to be handed over were bitter sweet.

Toys for Tot's is getting geared up for their Porker run in support of the Ride for Dad on June 19th.

The Peace Country A.I.M. Can chapter in such good hands. Kim Gray from Rock City/Eagan's Restaurant, Emilia Hovorka of Grande Prairie Regional Tourism and Chad Boone of Grande Prairie Regional College are now all members of the Board of Directors. Tanya Thompson - the Regional Traffic Safety Coordinator for Grande Prairie - Region 8 - is now on the board as a member without a portfolio. These four people along with the new President, Dave Campbell of 97.7 radio and all of the local riders who are members will see the Peace Country Chapter grow and flourish of that I have no doubt.

I am sad that I will no longer be in the trenches with these two organizations and yet very happy that because I am stepping back there is a potential for immense growth.

I will support both the Peace Country Chapter of A.I.M.Can and Toys for Tots with free web hosting and advertising I just won't be involved in helping to organize events, fund raisers or obtaining sponsorships and donations.

I will remain as National VP of Marketing as I become a member of the Central Alberta Chapter of A.I.M.Can this weekend.

In the news today:

A Motorcycle Safety study that claims to have some surprises - doesn't.

A Charity ride is seeking sponsors.

One of our Rider Friendly Business Association Partners has some great specials on.

and A great customer service story...

If you are fortunate enough to be riding, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.
Otherwise - if you feel the PMS the way the rest of us do then come visit our Beat the PMS Blues on line show 'n' shine....

Have a fabulous Day.

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  1. I think it is great that you took the lead to try to resolve the feud and a I commend your commitment to the two charities.