As we begin our 7th year providing weekly community news through the Busted Knuckle Chronicles I want to say a huge thank you to the people who make up our humble little rag.

It's been a challenging ride. 

Sometimes incredibly tough, sometimes incredibly exciting but ALWAYS incredibly rewarding.

The BEST thing about the newspaper to me is the people - the people who write the stories, the people who are the stories and the people who read the stories.

Here in the west in particular our community hasn't had much in the way of communication tools that allow us a sense of community, connectedness. I feel like the Busted Knuckle Chronicles gives us some of that and I hope to see it continue to grow and flourish as it tells the stories of the Canadian Riding Community. Connectedness - brother/

That's what the Busted Knuckle Chronicles is all about - FAMILY and you who ride, who love the wind - you are my family.

On June 4th our web site will celebrate the beginning of it's 6th year on the web and while a baby in so many ways our clearinghouse of information has helped so many riders find the information they need and that in itself is so rewarding.

I have a birthday wish I want to share with you because it's only you guys and dolls who can make it come true....

I wish that every Canadian who rides, every person who rides would get involved in whatever way is right for them.

On our web site:  - you can submit stories, blog and share etc.
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Get involved with our Facebook Groups: Biker/Rider Friendly Businesses in Canada or
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The more you get involved either sharing your customer service stories, or helping us with surveys and information - the more we share...the better, the stronger and the tighter our community becomes.

My dream - my Birthday wish?
A strong, united and informed riding community - a tight knit family.

In the news today: 
Motorcycles in India are big business that is getting bigger all of the time and Honda Motorcycle & Scooter of India has introduced the CB Twister

Eric Buell and his race bikes are making the news again

The Dealer Expo saw a few new and interesting products as day two winds up.

Australia is getting geared up for their big motorcycle show on Friday.

The Rider who is CEO of Invest Toronto has a big job ahead of him...

Some BC dirt riders found out what it's like to sleep with their bikes all night and not in a good way...

Rider Friendly Business Association member Barb W of Frisky Business has a BIG announcement

Well - those highlights of the days news so far should help stay on top of what's happening and help fill your quest for knowledge...I am getting ready for an important meeting this morning and then working on finishing this week's paper for you all.

We will be printing our first round of events for the eastern side of Canada...all of these new fangled programs are messing with me but as I learn them the job will once again get easier!

You ride safe today if you are among the fortunate - ride that motorcycle like everyone around you is blind and can not see you - for the rest of us, there is always the Beat the PMS Blues on line Show 'n' Shine to view and vote on the bikes and I'd love to have you join our Facebook Groups:

Biker/Rider Businesses in Canada
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Or become my friend on Facebook: Belt Drive Betty

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YOU, make it a great day!
Lord, please keep Your arm around my shoulders and your hand over my mouth! Amen
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