In my humble opinion all of the bikes are winners - I wished we could give everyone a prize!

Although we faced some obstacles in explaining exactly how the gallery handled the rating vs voting thing - I think you will all agree that the bikes that won were worthy - like I said I think they all were.

Please visit our Show n Shine Page as the Winner's Gallery is now live.

You can send out e cards of your favorites or post them to your Facebook...
A special thanks to all of our sponsors - without them NOTHING that we do is possible.

If anyone knows which lady rider when down on Vancouver Island yesterday could they get in touch with me - PLEASE?

Have a good day everyone - I am going to bed for a nap - been at this since 1:30 am

Wanted to ensure everyone got emailed as to the prizes they won and the gallery got turned on for viewing...

If you are riding today - PLEASE - Be Careful.

Belt Drive Betty
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