Voting for this year's show 'n' shine ended at midnight on March 6th. Because of the challenges using the new gallery and voting system at the beginning of the show 'n' shine - we had tacked on a few extra days to make sure no one felt cheated.

We are the first group I believe to ever host an on line show 'n' shine and it is challenging. We have done this three times now and finally have a gallery that we like as it makes voting, simple fast and easy.

While we had to educate people on how to make their pictures smaller over all I am really pleased with how this worked and it is the system we are going to use again next year.

We have had a few people upset as they did not like/agree with how the gallery determines which bike wins in each category - but Ali and I are thrilled.

The gallery does all of the work - it takes into consideration all of the votes - and the ratings and it comes up with the math. Ali and I do not get involved in any of the vote counting or winner determinations - the gallery does it ALL!

I don't really like the terminology the gallery itself uses (Top Rated) as I think that is what created the confusion for the two people who have voiced displeasure at how things have gone - but over all for a FREE event, I think most people had a ton of fun and it was a great way to assuage the PMS Blues for a while. For me it was a great way to see the rides of my Internet family! I hope the winner's gallery is done today - we had been optimistic in thinking we could have it done by yesterday afternoon...

The winners are going to be able to send E Cards to all of their friends to boast about their win and say thank you for the votes they got!!!

We will be emailing all of the prize donors and the winners this week so that they can make arrangements for their gifts and next week we will be featuring the bikes that won.

In the news today:
An accident in Pitt Meadows that saw two people killed had speed as a contributing factor. Police have identified both victims but have not released their names.

Cpl. Monty Robinson is scheduled to appear in Surrey at the Provincial Courthouse tomorrow.
If you can attend this peaceful protest rally - please - your participation is far more important than you may realize.

There is an URGENT plea to get involved with voicing your displeasure over proposed changes to our Old Age Security Pension and it's qualification periods. Apparently they are trying to change the time from 10 years to 3 years for an immigrant to be able to apply. Effectively that means that people who only live in our country for three years (age 62), who have contributed nothing to our country by way of economic value can apply for Canada Old Age Pension at the proposal yourself and then please -write a letter, do something - I would like the pension around when I need it - but it might not be if these changes are allowed.

While the Winter Olympics was great for Canada on a number of levels there were some Canadians that it wasn't so good Iron Maiden's letter to see what I mean.

It's cold and supposed to snow here today so I won't be riding - but if you are PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is out to get you, blind and can not see you and use respect with that right hand...

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  1. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Only "two people" were confused abotu the rating? I have seen more comments on facebook than two, and that means at least a large percentage more that don't post comments. Don't get me wrong i enjoyed the contest, but thats a misleading statement.

  2. I only know of two today - if more are upset on a FREE contest then I guess I will have to rethink whether or not we do another. I find it upsetting that they wouldn't come to me.
    It was a brand new program - we thought we understood it...