Accident victims - one is Darlene Jackson - in critical condition, paralyzed and fighting for her life.

The other is a unnamed woman from Vancouver Island, hit by a left hand turning vehicle.
Two lady riders separated by a good chunk of this huge country who are so tied together - they have no idea how many people are praying for them and wanting to reach out to help.

I am asking every rider I know to become a member at large of the Alliance for Injured Motorcyclists Canada - until there is a chapter in your area. The more riders we have in a network across this huge country of ours - the better.

Fees are only $20 per rider or $30 for a couple. Funds help injured riders and their families in their time of need. We of course want chapters in every city, every province - we want and need active volunteers to assist with motorcycle pick up and hospital visits, fundraisers and other tasks that can be such a burden to someone who is injured. Oft times their families aren't riders themselves and so the importance of certain things isn't foremost in their minds.

If you are interested in becoming an A.I.M. Can member - please contact either myself or any of the active chapters to join. We'd love to have you.  And if starting a chapter is something you are interested in - again - please get in touch with me and I can guide you in the process. Please, say a prayer today for the two lady riders - prayer is such a powerful thing when done by many...and when you say that prayer - pray that their families have the strength and understanding they need to get through this too.

In the news today...

Piaggio and Ducati  - a potential merger

Edmonton's Mayor has put in a formal request to the province for Noise Pollution Laws

The Saskatchewan Sport Bike Group has a fun way to spend some time this weekend all lined up and they'd love you to join them

Port Dover has some big plans for their water front

I hope you enjoyed the newspaper today - all of the community's prime stories and articles are in the Busted Knuckle Chronicles...

If you are riding - PLEASE remember that everyone around you is either out to get you or blind - ride accordingly and please use some respect with that right hand.

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  1. Is there a facebook group to show how much support there is and encourage Darlene with her recovery?

    Icemanandy #19

  2. Sure is...!/group.php?gid=351426449143&ref=ts
    Prayers and wishes For DARLENE JACKSON