I just finished reading in the news that the CEO of H-D got 6.4 million dollars in pay for 8 months on the job.

Holy - I can't wrap my head around how someone can make that kind of money in this economy. I would love to earn that kind of a wage at any time - how about you? I wonder sometimes at the salaries paid to people. You must be one hell of a negotiator in order to make that happen.

Obviously I need to go back to the drawing board! How about you?

In other news: 
The Hells Angels are involved in a "ping pong" match if you will and they appear to be the ball. It looks like B.C. Supreme Court Justice Peter Leask and the RCMP/Prosecution have some sort of fundamental disagreement happening. Justice Leask was harshly critical of the RCMP's million dollar informant in the recent trial of John Punko and Randy Potts and one of the acquittals that Justice Leask granted has been overturned - all to do with the same investigation. Hold on taxpayers - as the feud between the RCMP and the Hells Angels always rapes our pocket books and doesn't generally net the convictions to justify the expense!

Motorcycle Experience with David Hatch is back on Sunday morning and Biker TV is on the air Sundays on A Channel at 10:30 AM beginning on March 27th.

The fight over a dirt track facility is proving really nasty and the Native Community is beginning to look like bullies in a dispute over the Popkum Motorcycle Park. Typical of bureaucracy - the people who thought they had a valid contract and have sunk their whole life and then some into the facility are being stonewalled because of the Indian Act - the RCMP won't help them recover their property - I feel for these people - the article leads one to believe that they are being royally screwed...but that's just my interpretation - what's your take on it?

If you are riding today - please be careful, ride like no one can see you and they are all out to get you. Respect with that right hand would be really appreciated too...

Have a good Saturday folks!

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