In the news today there are reports of a motorcyclist being injured in an accident involving tailgating. This motorcyclist is responsible for his own injuries as he is the one who was tailgating.

There are other reports of motorcyclists being hit from behind. WHY? Why do we as a motoring public tailgate? We all know how dangerous that behaviour is. And three, count them three motorcycle accidents in the space of a half hour...

The next WHY that I have is the new impaired laws in Ontario. Why would you take a law that has some serious teeth to it and then soften it that way they are in Ontario

Then there's the three day "festival" that an entertainment firm wanted to start in Port Dover - they were turned down because three days of noise was not worth the economic benefit to the local town folk. The article alludes to the demise of PD 13 yet when I went to the PD13 web site there was no mention of the vent being canceled or dying.

Oh well - I guess we will always have reason to ask why...

If you are riding today, please stay safe...ride like everyone around you is blind and out to get you and please ride proud not loud.

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