I have a question that I hope some of you are willing to answer.
How do you get good customer service? And what do you do when you don't get the service you are looking for?

Are you the kind of customer who is willing to complain to the manager when things aren't right or do you just take your trade elsewhere when things go south?

How do you deal with the disappointment of a bad or un-fulfilling experience?

Recently I had some one post on my Facebook that they thought the Customer Service at a certain dealership sucked - so I asked what happened and when I was told the situation I asked the person - did you give the man who owns the place a call? Did you talk to him because this just does not sound like the shop that I have come to know. The customers answer - NO. So I counseled him to give the man an opportunity - he can't fix what he doesn't know is broken and guess what - the customer talked to the man who owns the place - the misunderstanding was quickly remedied and everyone came out of the situation feeling either valued or vindicated.  Sometimes, in an experience that isn't going the way you had hoped - all you have to do it talk to the boss.

Next time a situation appears to be going south, ask to talk to the manager or owner - you might be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get things back on track and guess what - the employee gets to learn first hand as well!

In the news today:
BMW is recalling its K 1200 GT and others built on the same platform due to a risk of leaking brakes.

Vancouver Motorcyclists are going to be paying some of the priciest motorcycle parking fees...

In cities across Canada May 17-21 is a street sweep for the police services where they are on the lookout for all kinds of motor vehicle safety infractions including seat belt and helmet violations - Saskatoon is going through phase two right now!

A rider in Coquitlam BC is dead after a crash with a truck and trailer.

The Motorcycle Ride for Dad targets Prostate Cancer...

It's pouring here in Grande Prairie AB today - but none the less, I am asking that if you live where you can be riding today - PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind and out to get you and ride proud not loud...

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  1. It kind of depends. If this is the first experience I've had with an unknown company, I'll just usually take my business elsewhere. But if I get crappy service from a long-standing supplier, then I'll go right to the top if necessary to allow them to make me happy. And it usually works. Like you said, if management doesn't know they have a problem, how can they fix it?