Occasionally our event calendars have a date in them that is wrong. We are, for the most part, volunteers who look after the event calendars and we have riding clubs that submit their own stuff. Now we work really hard at checking things and trying to follow up (Which is way more than Motorcycle Monster or Let's Ride or any of the other calendar operators do) but every now and then one slips through the cracks.

When that happens, it would be deeply appreciated if you would point the errors out using a tad bit of kindness instead of hostility.  The written word comes across pretty harsh at times folks... We appreciate knowing when something isn't right - we WANT our information to be as accurate as possible but PLEASE - just be kind and remember that we do the best we can and if you want better - pitch in and help out, don't kick us!

In Ontario - catering to Bikers just got to be a bigger industry. You have all heard of the Biker Coffee Company (Best damned coffee around - made by riders for riders) well now there is Biker Beer...I haven't heard if the people from this micro brewery are riders but I am going to try and find out...

If you are a dirt biker in PEI around Summerside - be on the watch if you are doing stuff you shouldn't be - the police there are going to be riding ATV's in an effort to nail you!

In the Kootenay's of BC the police are on the look out for a rider who drug a police officer about 30 feet...

In Manitoba - one lucky dude won a Harley...

I was going to go to Thorsby for their show 'n' shine and then to Slack's in Onoway however the amount of snow on the ground in this north country precludes me from going anywhere - which - when I look at the number of articles I have yet to write and the funding applications I need to finish...yah, I guess Mother Nature is sending me a message...

And on the roadways of Canada - the police are going to be extra vigilant and out in far larger numbers than normal for the long weekend...It is the May Long Weekend folks - if you don't want tickets - watch your speed and behaviour - if you want to arrive alive - watch what everyone else is doing.

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