Communication is the cornerstone of everything.

Without solid communication things just don't get done.

Now that I have people that I need to communicate with for the newspaper - like Marion who is doing lay out for us, I have to learn new skills and better ways of communication. I need to learn how to express my needs and deadlines better because they sadly can't read my mind.

Over the years Ali and I have developed pretty decent skills and I know that over time Marion and I will too, I just hope you all can bare with the little hiccups that will inevitably happen over the years to come.

I hope that you enjoy this week's newspaper - there are some incredible stories in it like the one about the couple in Texas looking for a Hoka Hey Challenge sponsor.
I am in Jasper today meeting with some of our business partners and looking forward to getting into Kamloops and maybe even Vernon tonight depending on meetings and sales appointments. Driving through the snow at Grande Cache yesterday made me grateful I took the cage.

In the news today:

Motocross legend Danny Chandler has died

Mickey Rourke is taking the Red & White to  Hollywood again

Port Dover might get a rally????

Motorcycle Recalls are out.

There's a ton more news on in the latest news section and don't forget to drop in to the forum and vote for the bike of the month!

Belt Drive Betty

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