Well, this is the busiest the news feeds for motorcycles have been in a good long while!
The first order of news today is that I woke up to SNOW - NOOOO I have my bike all packed and ready for Penticton and Slack Alice's and now it looks like I will be taking the cage! CRAPPY.... oh well - welcome to springtime in Alberta.

The Hells Angels have made the news again - according to one very deluded reporter for the Province newspaper - a Danielle Bell - the police "secretly" monitored the Zeke Run on Vancouver Island - I guess this gal has never been present at an event where the Hells show up and I guess she has never seen just how "Secretly" the police go about photographing everyone's license plate etc...I just about peed my pants when I read her account of how things go down - you can tell she was spoon fed by the police service!
I am sorry - I guess I found her coverage funny - really though - if you read the whole article - what a waste of the tax payers money!

Then they (the Hells) made the news again over the sentencing of PUNKO...
I won't even go there with what I thing of this it yourself and tell me what you think of our justice system in this country.

By all accounts the CAV's motorcycle show was a huge hit!
Read the article and see the video!

In Regina, car enthusiasts finally weigh in on the proposed bylaw for noise pollution... where in the Mayor intends to lobby the government to make it illegal to sell aftermarket exhaust modifications for any kind of vehicle.

Victory motorcycles make the news twice today - once for Jerry "Motorman" Palladino's review of the Victory Cross Country and once for making the highest customer satisfaction
rating in the phantom shoppers reports.

In Ontario the Durham Diva's invite you out to their ride night and the Kawartha Bikers Church invites you out to the blessing of the bikes on Mother's Day May 9th.

Well folks - there's probably more than one story that I have over looked - for all of the most current news visit under latest news!
As always - I invite you to weigh in on the topics of the day - your feedback is IMPORTANT to me!

If - UNLIKE ME - you are lucky enough to be riding today - please, stick your tongue back in your mouth and ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you, IS out to get you and ride proud - NOT loud!

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