From the protest ride in France last month to operation Escargot in Quebec it seems that motorcyclists refuse to allow the authorities to treat them badly!

In Vancouver, BCCOM has been fighting for special parking rates and in several US communities the story is the same and yesterday in Greece - a world record for the largest number of motorcycles on a bridge was set. Motorcyclists it seems are starting to become NEWS.

Yes motorcyclists appear to be finding their voice no matter where they live or the cause or reason they are riding.

It is wonderful to see some momentum happening - that we riders are saying hey - we make a difference, we count and we deserve to be treated fairly.

This summer when I ride across Canada to light a F.I.R.R.E. my goal is to help educate the motorist and the general public as to the many faces of people who ride motorcycles.

We are writers and mothers, grand parents and accountants, preachers and artists, fitness instructors and dads. We are police officers and fire fighters, ambulance personnel and armed forces personnel. WE AR PEOPLE - and we ask you to pay attention when you are driving - to share the road with us.  I hope that you will join me somewhere on the road, be it for an hour, a day or the whole trip as I travel from Grande Prairie AB leaving August 14th and heading to Charlottetown PEI and then in to Digby NS for the Wharf Rat Rally September 1st to 6th.

I want riders from across the country to help me show people who they are when they aren't riding their motorcycles! While we create the awareness of what F.I.R.R.E. is (Foundation for Injured Riders, Rights and Education) we will also be raising funds to send one Canadian family who has a terminally ill child to the Give the Kids the Village in Orlando Florida.

Help us to truly make a difference - to educate the driving masses and the general public that "Bikers, Riders, Motorcycle Enthusiasts" are people of all walks of life and that our lives are just as precious as those of the next person.

In the News Today:

In Edmonton AB there will be a fundraiser for Kent Pankow that includes a motorcycle poker run through the Elk Island region - Kent is battling brain cancer and needs specialized treatment not covered by Alberta Health Care.

In Quebec, Operation Escargot's protest ride yesterday was another success.

In Greece a new world record was set my motorcyclists.

and in Fredricton they are getting geared up for the third Motorcycle Ride for Dad.

If you are fortunate enough to be riding your motorcycle today, PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind AND out to get you and please ride proud not loud - save those pipes for when they are really needed like when some jerk goes to "drift" in to your lane...

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  1. In London in the UK, there are demonstrations every Wednesday morning against the recently introduced bike parking charges in one area of the city, Westminster.

    On 19th June there is a mass ride around the motorway that goes right around London, the M25. This is in order to demonstrate to the London Authorities about the unfair nature of the charging for parking ahead of a High Court case being bought by bikers in an attempt to overturn these charges.

    There are some incredible videos and photos of the past demonstrations at