Well folks, I am heading out on the road, this time on my motorcycle in spite of Mother Nature and her cranky arsed ways. Although there is rain in the forecast, at least snow doesn't appear to be part of it until Banff where there is a snowfall warning in effect so instead of going through the parks and down like I had planned I may very well scoot across to Edson and then down through Drayton and Red Deer - we shall see what Mother nature decides to do.

She can rain all she wants - cranky old thing - I AM RIDING - I have had enough of being caged up!

My bike is almost loaded and I can't wait to get out of here and yet...
Our house flooded last week in all the severe weather we had in GP and I feel a tad guilty leaving hubby to deal with the contractors etc. (not really - just had to say that) I am going to miss the crap out of my husband but ...
I am going to miss my kitten too - his name is Lost (he had been abandoned in WalMart in -58 weather and my daughter brought him home to me, even though I have discovered I am highly allergic to him, I still love the little critter. He is sooo funny, he makes me laugh and man is that laughter good for the soul.

Yes, there are many things I miss about being at home when I am on the road, my bed, my hubby, kitty, my daughter but...I also love the adventure, the events, the fellow riders - there is much to love about the going and much to love about the coming home.
I am planning on attending the Corporal Micheal Starker Poker Run in Calgary, the Alberta Indian Dealership Grand Opening (Both on Saturday) and the Motorcycle Awareness Parade on Sunday. I am also hoping to get in a couple of rides with the Calgary Meet Up group that I belong to and Don and Jane Mustard and I are hoping to scoot out. All the while I will be hanging with my bud Karen.

Then I head to central AB for a day and on to Leduc, Edmonton and Redwater! Our second print of phone books should be available at the Redwater Ride for Hunger...
Remember - the book is free - although we appreciate a donation to help with the shipping costs - and subscriptions to the paper are $15 for the year!

If you are at any of the events that I am attending please come and say hi, renew or get a subscription to the Busted Knuckle - I'd love a hug! And a ride....

Cindy - our SAB rep will be in Bellevue for the Ride for Sight with Miles Hesselgrave and the gang - stop in and say hi to her if you are attending that event. 

In the News Today:
A US Study shows that a lot of lives and billions of dollars in health care have been saved with road way safety measures.

Husqvarna has announced a new machine coming soon.

The CAV in BC have a Ride for the Fallen planned.

With Edmonton AB's new noise bylaw set to be voted on by city council, Regina SK's mayor is trying to decide what they should do. The MMIC applaudes Edmontons adopting of the new a roadside sound test standard for motorcycles known as SAE J 2825.

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