There has not been a topic in the news in recent memory that has stirred so much anger, animosity and furor as Edmonton's new bylaw that targets specifically motorcycle noise.

Liane Langlois has a petition that she is circulating and in order for it to mean ANYTHING 79,000 signatures are needed from Edmonton Residents aged 18 and older. There are only 18,000 registered motorcycles in Edmonton. We, F.I.R.R.E., and other concerned motorcyclists are working hand in hand with Liane to get that number of signatures and more.

Many of the outlying bedroom communities are signing the petition as well and while they have NO strength with the Edmonton bylaw - they do in the media - public opinion is the field that those signatures will have power in - the other arena? Well, if your community tries the same thing at least phone numbers of those against will already be available to connect with people who will need to sign a second petition.

Stupidity and career building seems to be what this bylaw is all about. I have read so many articles from various journalists who have interviewed everyone from riders to cops and I get this out of it: the Edmonton police say they are going to target riding styles not just equipment. Why in the HELL have they not been doing that all along - stunting is stunting and most people being  insensitive, self absorbed boobs/idiots be they in car, semi, pickup or on a bike are generally contravening some law that is already in place.

Fire, police and ambulances are another bone of contention in urban dwelling and Councilor Batty in Edmonton wants them muffled - at least at night - why the hell didn't their bylaw target all offenders right from the beginning?

I am so sick of the stupidity/lack of foresight, what ever you want to call it  - of our governments at every level. They waste money and resources and we get to pay for them.
It is disgusting!

Noise is a fact of life. Unnecessary noise is not and there are already laws in place to deal with the causes if ONLY our police services would simply enforce them and do their jobs. If you read the comments in the various news articles you will see what I mean about the contradictory comments and the absolute career building, budget building BS that this bylaw is all about.  If the police services did their jobs and nailed people for stunting no matter what they drive - this would not be an issue at all.

Most cities have a law and signage telling truckers to lay off their Jacobs brake - how many get pulled over and ticketed for using them in cities and towns though - darned few!

I am saddened and disgusted - but like many - I am ready to fight this ignorance that seems to be pervading our world. Let's be FOR thoughtfulness, sharing our communities with consideration of our fellow human - then we wouldn't need this crap!

Here is the link to the petition on my web site -
Download the petition and print it off  - you need adobe reader to do that - it's free.

Please if you live in Edmonton - garner as many signatures as you can - 79,000 is the magic minimum number - obviously we want to see it be 200K or more! Power in numbers people, power in numbers!

Not much else in the news today so far so...
If you are riding today - PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and out to get you and please, ride proud not loud - save those pipes for the times when they are well and truly needed - when some one drifts into your lane...

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