it's a done deal.

Apparently you will be able to get your motorcycle tested to see where you are at for some time before they start handing out tickets. And they are going to be doing some sort of small educational blitz about the bylaw, but...

For at least the next 5-6 years MOTORCYCLES are the only target as developing the testing for other vehicles will take that long. 

That is WRONG and DISGUSTING and makes Edmonton one Motorcycle UNFRIENDLY City. Apparently there is a rumor floating around - unsubstantiated at the moment, but one we need to be aware of  and be doing our best to defeat - Spruce Grove and Leduc could be following suit along with Devon and Fort Saskatchewan...if this happens folks it will not be long before this entire province does this to us.

What is going to happen to the Ride for Dad next year? It is sponsored by the police services... What is going to happen to the Alberta HOG Rally this year, next year. Motorcycle Tourism is a huge industry - we represent huge cash for these communities.

What can we do? We are 80K strong in Alberta - is there anyway you can see all of us getting together in a unified way to do something about this?

Folks - read the comment yesterday from an anonymous source that tells us about the California law that is being proposed by a person who apparently dislikes motorcycles.

People - we are being legislated to death here - literally.
We have a ton of media in Edmonton who ride, Steve Zimmerman, Gord Steinke, Terry Evans, J’Lyn Nye, Rob Berg - and that's only a few that I can think of quickly.
I wonder what it would take to get them along with a good lawyer to help this community take up the fight. There is no way that only one segment of the motoring public should be singled out this way.

We are where we are because we didn't police ourselves, the question now is - can we as a community actually band together to do something about this or are we just gonna snivel, %itch and complain?

This bylaw is wrong on so many levels it is wrong and a huge waste of money and resources. All the police had to do was enforce what was already on the books - nail those who ride like jackasses but no - now we all get to pay.

Come on people - let's get our act together, lets DO something.
Can anyone recommend a lawyer? 
Can we start taking donations to fight the fight? What can we do folks????

If you read what is being proposed in California - it WILL make you shudder - because it could end up here unless we do something NOW!

As always - you comments, your feedback, your input IS wanted folks - without your participation my ramblings are just one person's view and I truly want to represent the Canadian rider as much as possible.

In other News - one of my favorite motorcycle/romance/fiction authors - Adelle Laudan is hosting a FREE Read on her web site! It is entitled - Solidarity. Join here on her web site to read this short story for FREE!

The CAV are expecting a huge turn out of up to 3,000 for their run this weekend
The “Highway of Heroes” in Ontario that honours Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan is getting a B.C. extension.

On Woodstock ON. the Comrades MC raised $4,080 for Wounded Warriors

 If you are fortunate enough to be riding today, PLEASE - Ride like everyone around you is blind and IS out to get you - ride  Proud not Loud !

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  1. This by-law won't hold up in court as it is a Charter violation in regards to the "law is not applied fairly across the community". Therefore it IS a discriminatory law (ie: some of us are less equal than others...lawn mowers, Hondas with glass pack mufflers and modified trucks). Even a lawn mower that pulls in at a higher dB rating and is not considered a "temporary noise" is still allowed to operate during "daytime" hours, which even motorcyclists cannot even partake.

    Also keep your eyes out for how the police test. The J2825 method is tested 20 inches from the pipe at a 45 degree angle. You can be sure the police will screw this up. Do not correct the officer administering the test, but take notes so you can use this as well to fight the ticket in court.

    Do I have loud pipes? I don't know, not yet at least. However I do support biker rights and if they start targeting some of us in our community, then what's next?

    Keep that in mind and fight is our DUTY to fight this...

  2. I find it odd that ditracted drivers that really run the risk of causing serious bodily harm and property damage to others get a $175 fine and loud pipes get a $250fine. Say it out loud. Did that sound stupid to you?

    Here in Ontario... truckers held a "Slow Down" as a way to get the attention of politicians that were raising taxes on Diesel. What I am saying here is that careful, well thought out ways of getting attention of the city fathers in communities affected is the best choice of action. It seems that this bylaw got passed because not enough people decided to fight it at the source, council meetings.

    We, as a group, have only ourselves to blame and this bylaw will not go away, at least in Edmonton. Moncton is going through something similar. This can be put squarly on the shoulders of those who get a big kick out of annoying the snot out of others in an outdoor restaurant patio area and the people that like to wind out the engine at 2am while the rest of us try to sleep. I ride too. My pipes are NOT stock but I don't go out of my way to piss anyone off... just like the majority of riders.

    Careful planning and well timed protests must be organised. YOU are the Government. YOU elected those in office to do things as YOU want them done. Don't believe me? Elections are held to put in place those that best represent the wishes of the electorate... YOU! Next time the elections roll around... vote. Hold politicians accountable for decisions that affect you. Don't just grumble, grab the remote and tune in "Dancing like Ponies".

    Right now it is time to have that bylaw amended so it better represents the actual seriousness of issues on the road.

    I leave you with this question: If someone you love is killed by a driver that leaves a stop sign and says "I didn't see him/her"... what is the fine for Failing to yeild right of way? I am pretty sure it's not $250.00


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