I was planning on attending the Edmonton Motorcycle Ride for Dad this weekend but some issues here on the home front prevent me from attending. The first issue are all of the files that Marion sent to our FTP server for the newspaper are corrupt so I have to start from square one with re building the paper from the ground up. ARRRG

Then Telus in it's great wisdom sent someone to fix my satellite and internet only, the tech wasn't supposed to come here. Add a couple of other minor issues into the fray and my window of opportunity to travel closed down to nothing. I do not enjoy riding at night because of the game so I tend to try and be stopped by 8-9pm if at all possible. Leaving GP at 6pm would have put me traveling through moose alley at prime animal movement time...

To say the least, my husband is happy that I am home for a weekend for a change!

I got word that one of the riders who had been injured last week is a good friend and loyal reader of the Busted Knuckle Floyd Funk, apparently he is in a drug induced coma and in really rough condition. Reportedly he hit a deer on his way home.I am hoping to get to see him today - we shall see. And on Thursday night in Grovedale just outside of Grande Prairie a 39 year old man ( reportedly the brother of Abe from Tire Pro) was killed when a 22 year old driver turned in front of him.

I hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend.
All any of us can do is pray that everyone we care about stays safe.

The Petition that Liane Langlois is circulating will be at the Edmonton Ride for Dad fro everyone to sign.

There are those out there who say I am not for loud pipes so I won't sign it - but folks the petition is to repeal a discriminatory bylaw that targets ONLY motorcycle noise not all of the other vehicles that generate unnecessary noise.  Why are only motorcycles being targeted - that is the question...that is the problem - the law is badly written and unjust.

You can download the petition to take it around to Edmontonians to sign here:

Or stop in to any of these shops/pubs and restaurants:
- Insane Customs
- Bad Ass Customs
- Triple M Motorsports
- Welch’s Motorcycle Repair
- Echo Cycle
- Hi-Per Cycle
- Harley Davidson of Edmonton
- Xwrecks
- Double D’s Pub                                                                                                           - Alberta Cycle
And I am working on making one for the rest of us to sign as tourists and people who are going to be affected if they try to go in to Edmonton.

Please - if you are riding today - be safe. I am tired of loosing people I love and care about.

PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and out to get you and please, ride proud not loud - save those pipes for the times when they are well and truly needed - when some one drifts into your lane...

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