I seldom blog on Sundays. It is supposed to be my "day off" - I use that term lightly because as my husband would inform you, I never take a day off - I live, eat and breath motorcycle community.  I had hired a gal to build the newspaper but her life turned out to be too busy - so I am in the process of retaking control of the paper and Sunday is now composing day again. At least for a while.

Today, the news is filled with so much poison directed at our community that I feel I have to blog.

Calgary, Saskatoon, Brandon - it appears that muffling motorcycles is becoming a favorite past time for councils in various cities.

We have a petition for people from out side of the Edmonton area to sign. It expresses our concern for the bylaw and its discriminatory and selective targeting of motorcycles, this is the link to it:

This is the link to the petition in the news on our site for riders in Edmonton to sign:

People - please, consider joining F.I.R.R.E. - the Foundation for Injured Riders, Rights & Education - it's $20 per year per single, $30 per couple. We have a National Call center for Downed Riders and a Never Ride Alone Program. We help to support riders and their families in the advent of an accident, we assist in rights and education work that needs to be done and we host fund raisers (like our on line auctions on Face Book) to help raise money for riders and their families and legal actions like stopping the spread of these discriminatory motorcycle noise bylaws.

We do not care where in Canada you live. We want you and need you to become a part of this movement - we need to light a F.I.R.R.E. in the hearts and souls of riders across this great country - PLEASE get involved - to work at protecting our freedoms, looking after our fellow riders and their families when they need it and to educate riders and cagers along with the general public about who we riders are...let's become a family again, let's become united, let's get it together folks - united we ride and live the life we are meant to live.

In other news:

Quebec bikers might be getting a break on insurance - after multiple protests in Operation Escargot, these united riders have succeeded in getting their government to at least agree to sit down with them. 

Funerals were held in St Albert for the riders who were killed last weekend when reportedly a vehicle turned in front of their motorcycle.

A rider in the Calgary area caught fire when his motorcycle exploded after a collision.

In BC a successful Ride to honor soldiers took place yesterday and the Kamloops police held a scooter training session for seniors.

An angry father sounds off about the Alberta Ride for Sight and another rider wades in on that discussion...

Here in Alberta, The Edmonton Ride for Dad, Heritage Harley's Grand Opening, the Grand Opening at Death Wobble in Leduc and the event out in Sonnybrook all took place here in yesterday and in Calgary the MRFD is getting ready to kick off today!

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today - please ride like everyone around you is blind AND IS OUT TO GET YOU - ride proud NOT loud - save those pipes for when they really mean something - like when a person who is only going to get a $175 distracted driving fine drifts in to your lane - then that $250 loud motorcycle noise ticket might not feel so bad...

Makes sense don't it - Distracted drivers paying a $175 fine and we get $250 cause pipes are loud....and to think in many cases WE elected these people who do this to us to council and legislature...

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  1. Damn straight! Just finished submitting my application to FIRRE.

  2. Anonymous10:50 PM

    Ive been riding motorcycles for more than 20 years now. Roadracing motocross and logged thousands of km"s on the street. I"m glad there ticketing loud pipes! It"s long over due don"t feed me that bullshit about loud pipes save lives. If dirtbikes were quiet you could still ride in over half of the riding areas that are now closed.

  3. Guess you don't see that they are ONLY targeting motorcycles and what is being asked for is fairness - target ALL who make ecxessive noise - semi's, pick ups. cars and MOTORCYCLES