There are some CRAZY things happening in the news today - in Germany some dude decided for reasons unknown to throw a puppy at a group of the Hells Angels in Germany - he then stole a bulldozer to flee with leaving it on the freeway causing an enormous traffic jam...weird stuff!

The madness really gets underway as Red Deer joins in to the noise bylaw fray along with a ton of cities and towns across Canada - here is a link to an informative site that will help you to fight that ticket: but please note we are working on a unified legal battle on this issue so if you do get a ticket we need to know about it so we can use it in a class action law suit - which is our goal.

Tons of people who are tired of noise are writing in - we need the silent majority to wade in here cause guess what folks - the squeaky wheel gets the grease - join us - F.I.R.R.E. - as we work at forming a large NATIONAL group to work for our rights as riders, to assist our fellow riding community members in the event of an accident and to educate not only our fellow rider on safe riding and other issues but as we educate the driving masses and the main stream public as to who we really are and why they need to share the road with us.

The time is now folks - United we ride - divided we walk...

In Ontario a group of riders that want to use trails are being denied access...

We have three more riders who have passed as a result of their injuries - please see the latest news on for all of the information we have on these accidents and riders.

And don't forget - The Belt Drive Betty Blend is now available in the sampler packs of the Biker Coffee Company! MOVE OVER TIMMY"S!!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE my coffee and although I have been approached before because of my unique road handle to endorse products - this is the first one I have endorsed. I promise you folks that if you like REALLY - REALLY good coffee - the Biker Coffee Company can hook you up. Be it Disc Brake Decaf, Ignition Coil Irish Cream or Hydraulic Hazelnut they have a blend to suit your tastes! If enough people like the Belt Drive Betty Blend - Rich and a Little Sassy - they will move it to the 1 lb bags so I am come on folks give all of their blends a try and make sure when you order their sampler pack to tell them you want the Belt Drive Betty Blend as part of yours!

As they say over at the Biker Coffee Company - enjoy your ride!

Be sure to tune in to Biker Radio Magazine this Friday - Ken Venus wades in on the noise bylaw in Edmonton and a whole lot more!!!

I am in Jasper filming and then off to celebrate my birthday with the men and women who have served our country at the New Norway Soldiers Ride on Saturday - be there or be square...seriously no matter which of the events you choose to support this weekend - PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind and CAN NOT SEE YOU --- IS OUT TO GET YOU and please, ride porud not loud - save those pipes for when they really mean something like when someone drifts in to your lane.

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