Last night I was blessed to ride out to Miette Hot Springs with a group of riders from Jasper.
There were bikes from pretty much every major brand from Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, H-D Yamaha - it was a thing of beauty - no brand bashing - oh the odd good natured jab but wow - what a great group of people.We met at Jasper Motorcycle Tours retail store on Patricia St at 6:30 pm (Great shop filled with all kinds of great biker gear, gifts and equipment) - it was nice to see 11 bikes out for the regular Thursday night foray!

We had a wonderful ride up to the Hot Springs - one of the riders with us was Jill - the manager of the Hot Springs - she rides a wonderful bronze coloured crotch rocket and you can tell that this lady is hard core - she is a total adrenaline junky.

We had some great laughs and I was filled in on what these riders feel is their favourite day ride - I will be sharing all of that with you soon!

These local riders are used to riding this Miette Hot Springs Road - I am not, so I stuck to the speed limit and was rewarded by the beauty of the view - my lord there are some gorgeous day rides in the Jasper area.

Now I know that many are feeling rotten over this noise bylaw garbage - for the most part I don't think any of us has a problem with the bylaws - the Transportation and Safety Act has had them in place for years - I guess we are just tired of being singled out and held to different standard from the rest of the motoring community.

I think all of us riders wished the police services of this country would just have enforced what was already on the books - had they been doing that all along - then the people who have been being rude and disrespectful no matter the vehicle they drive wouldn't have ruined things for the rest of us...

Have you listened in to Biker Radio Magazine to listed to what Ken Venus had to say as he wades in on the topic...

There are so many accidents and so much other news that I hope you will check in at - the home page - the What's hot page has the current news feeds about middle of the page.

I have a ton of paperwork to finish this morning and then I am off to Hinton, Edson and Leduc - tomorrow for my 50th Birthday I will be riding with otherswho will be paying tribute to our soldiers.

See you in New Norway...
For the rest of you - no matter where you live, what events you are planning on attending this weekend, PLEASE, Please ride like everyone around you is blind and out to get you, and ride proud not loud...

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