I had had a fabulous weekend and arrived home around supper time last night and was feeling on top of the world, that is until I started doing the news updates.
The news feeds are filled with accident/collision news.

One rider in Coquitlam BC lost it on the person who cut him off - apparently the reporter feels that anger management needs to be part of driver education...

A man from Grand Forks is dead after he hit a deer.

Speed was a factor in a crash involving a Prince George rider who got up in the gravel and went down - he suffered serious injuries and in another accident a rider suffered injuries when a car driver ran a red light in Prince George.

Tons of accidents/collisions in Saskatchewan - Saskatoon reporting two with motorcycles

An accident near Radium BC claimed the life of a Calgary woman, she was the passenger, reportedly the riders involved in the accident were both Calgarians from the Calgary Cruising Club

In Ontario: One motorcyclist is dead after a crash on Dundas and a rider is dead and his passenger in critical another collision - In Toronto paramedics responded to a number of collisions including one where a 19 year old rider suffered life threatening injuries.

There is news about the motorcycle noise testing in Edmonton, a few articles on motorcycle fund raisers on the home page at

After the great weekend I had, reading all of the tragedy that has struck our community this weekend has taken some of the wind out of my sails...I think I am going to go work out and get rid of some of the sadness and anger I feel...

I will have a full report on New Norway and the Ride & Auction for the Military Families Fund in the Busted Knuckle NEXT week!

IF you are fortunate enough to be riding today - PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you - IS out to get you and please ride proud not loud - save those pipes for the time they count - when someone is beside you and drifts into your lane.

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