I have had to come to the harsh reality that I am only one person and that no matter how passionate, no matter how much I believe in what I am doing, I can't do it alone.

Being a Gemini, I guess I always thought that meant I was really two people and have always worked at the pace of two people.

Sadly, this week, the work load has taken its toll and has manifested itself in horrible physical pain, not to mention what it has been doing to my marriage and my husband's health. (Mark has MS and the stress and worry he has been experiencing as a result of my taking on too much is causing his MS to flare.)

I have therefore decided to step down from my position of VP in charge of marketing for FIRRE as of October 1st, 2010. That should give the fledgling group time to get organized and the assistant VP in charge of marketing time to get up to speed on everything I have been working on.

I will stay on as a National Sponsor of FIRRE - as injured riders, riders rights and the education of both riders and non riders are things I am terribly passionate about, and I will continue to be a member of the Southern AB Chapter of FIRRE.  However, the Busted Knuckle and the Rider Friendly Business Association and my involvement with motorcycle tourism has to take a front seat right now.

My layout artist had to leave the paper due to an urgent family crisis and the new person I had hired sadly did not work out. So, until I can find a team to work with me on the newspaper and the Phone Book I need to put my volunteering duties on a back burner. There simply are not enough hours in the day or me to go around and life has gotten in the way, the health of my business, my person and that of my husband need to come first for a change. 

Like last week I find myself needing to do a 30 page newspaper in less than 24 hours and I am working alone...again... I have 14 follow up calls, banking and book keeping, shipping of auction items, a business plan to re vamp yet again in order to apply for operational grants etc and that's just what's on my plate for today.

I just physically can not handle the pace by myself any more.

Forgive me that this blog post is sparse today but I have had a lot of work to do this morning just trying to divest myself of a ton of the volunteer duties I had taken on.

Sadly - I can not keep up the pace I have for the past 7 years - not if I want a business, a marriage or a healthy body.

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and IS out to get you.

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  1. Time for a chat? I'm here for you...and I would like to address the pain you and your husband are can be reduced. Ask me how. Blessings and abundance, Bob

  2. Alberta Lone Wolf7:11 PM

    As a former publisher of 3 newspapers I know exactly how you feel.
    “The curse of driven people”. Try an do it all yourself. Even these today my wife thinks I spend too much time do the website.
    Riding is the only easy! If it wearing on you, cut back. Your health is NUMBER ONE.
    NO ONE CAN TAKE CARE OF YOU BUT YOU! Ask others to step up.
    I had a TIA ( mini stroke) over a year ago, that was my wake up call.
    Don’t go there.
    May things get easier for you!

  3. Hey girl. Just got back into town to find this. Please please take care of YOU and HUBBY. Nothing else will matter if you don't.
    Big hugs ...