If you are like me - a good cup of coffee can make almost anything better.

I am a coffee freak - certifiable!

I am sitting here this morning (started work at 3:30 am) and I am grateful to be up at this time of the day - why? Because my shipment of Biker Coffee Company Coffee - the Belt Drive Betty Blend - arrived yesterday and I am enjoying a whole pot all to myself - the aroma of this coffee makes your mouth water, opens your eyes wide and when the coffee hits your tongue it's a wee bit of heaven here on earth...I did warn you I am certifiable about loving my coffee!

I recently agreed to lend my "name" to a blend of Coffee by the Biker Coffee Company - their city Blend is now the Belt Drive Betty Blend.  I have been asked by others who make various products to allow them to use my road handle to endorse their products but after trying them out decided yah - NOT.

This time was different though. The right product with the right quality. To me, an idea whose time had come...

The Biker Coffee Company in Ottawa is owned and run by three gents who all have day jobs and a passion for their lifestyle and their coffee - Wayne, Frank and Scott.

These riders have put together some incredible blends of Fair Trade ORGANIC coffee - heck even their take out cups and lids are green!

The Bavarian Bobber, their chocolate blend is wonderful - it's like eating chocolate without the calories and their Sissy Bar French Vanilla, the aroma this stuff gives off makes you think of the most incredible childhood memories of baking and grandma and if you love Vanilla, then this blend should hit your taste buds the right way. I haven't tried the Ignition Coil Irish Cream yet but their Disc Brake Decaff is one of the BEST decaff blends I have ever tried.

Yes, the Biker Coffee Company is a company I can believe in. They deliver a TOP Drawer, TOP Quality product at a fair price. Their Organic coffees are on average $13.95 per pound - compare that to Star Bucks - a huge company with incredible buying power at $11.95 per pound for Organic coffee.  Many other Organic Coffees range from $16 to $23 per pound.

And none of the companies who carry organic coffees that I have investigated appears to be comprised of riders save the Biker Coffee Company!

These three Amigos have taken the rider world by storm! They have been interviewed by the Biker's Inner Circle and have had so much interest from riders who own coffee shops and gift shops, tattoo shops...why? Well because bikers love their coffee and these guys have made it easy - they have these really great sampler boxes - you get 20 packages of coffee - 4 different blends - 5 packets each for about $69 retail - the wholesale price for businesses is less. You can then use these great coffee packages in gift baskets etc or you can sell them to people who want to take some home to try out before buying the one pound packages. For small businesses this is a great way to expand their offerings in an affordable way!

Yes - I love good coffee, the smell, the me it is nothing short of a religious experience and folks - this company, the Biker Coffee Company really should have franchises right across the country - all over the US - heck around the world too so that riders everywhere could go have a great cup of Java surrounded by other riders in an environment that makes them feel welcomed and supported.  In my very humble opinion - MOVE THE HECK OVER TIM HORTONS and STAR BUCKS - HELLO BIKER COFFEE COMPANY!

In the news today:
The West Kootenay Toy Run in September is already making the news They held their Father's Day Run and it was by all accounts very successful!

Also in BC - A gal who reached for a coffee ended up on her roof and while that alone is interesting from a riders perspective on distracted driving, the article that appears on the same page but below the headline article is the one that caught my eye. The road rage incident between a rider and an auto driver.... And another road rage incident involving a BC rider.... oh and how about this one - yet another BC rider involved in road guys need some good coffee....

In Alberta a young rider was killed in a collision with an Elk.

Also in Alberta, a small protest by riders over Edmonton's new bylaw that comes in to effect in a week or so saw at some points as many as 25 motorcyclists but also gleaned over 600 signatures in support of the riding communities pleas for fairness. These riders want to see all noise violators be charged not just riders - the article states that according to the city there is no testing science in place for other vehicles - what a load of bull pucky that is... If you follow the link you will see that under the automotive category there are 53 standards set by the SAE  - Measurement of Noise Emitted by Accelerating Road Vehicles
The Test number for this test is: J2805

Maximum Sound Level for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks - test number J1030 - it says canceled in 2002 and yet the test procedure method can still be purchased so not sure what it really means. Or how about this test for Heavy Trucks...J1096

Under Commercial Noise Standards there are 40...

Unless I am totally reading the information on the SAE web site wrong, it appears to me that, these people in council really like to baffle with BS... as it appears that brilliance is not their strong suit. Ironically I am told by other members of the Vulnerable Road Users Committee that the MMIC and the MCC funded the motorcycle noise emissions test - they claimed it was to set a standard so that tickets would not be subjective...

In Montreal a huge drug bust sees some members of the Hells Angels taken in to custody.

In New Brunswick a rider who failed to navigate a corner kills a lawyer while she is out jogging. And also in New Brunswick they are struggling with noise issues.

In Ontario the Durham Divas are hosting their Wednesday Ride Night and one of Rider Friendly Business Association partners Classy Chassis is taking part!

There is a ton more news today so check out all of the headlines at:

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today please ride like everyone around you is blind AND out to get you - ride proud not loud!

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