A person named Dusty Diehl who writes for the Star Phoenix in Saskatoon made a brilliant observation that for those who are upset with city noises when they are trying to sleep - invest in ear plugs - and for about a dollar you can save your sanity. Hmmm...what a great idea!

Now for those trying to have a BBQ or a conversation at an out door bistro, that won't work but if the part of the population who is bothered by noise when they are trying to sleep be it daytime or night time invested in ear plugs the complaints about noise would go way down...

I have written on the noise issue ad nauseum but I am devoted to continuing to flog this animal -  I have ZERO issue with the authorities trying to curb noise levels and I know that some people have pipes that are down right annoying, even to me, a lover of the rumble but the laws need to be enforced consistently and across the board. To single out one community is so desperately wrong.

I have an issue with car alarms. Last night, I had been asleep for about an hour when all of a sudden a car alarm goes off waking me out of a peaceful slumber. An hour later finally the damned thing quit. No one pays attention to their alarms - I am not sure why vehicles even have the damned things.
Did I call city hall or the bylaw officer - NO.

When you live in a city, noise is a part of life - there is NO way around it but yah know, I am gonna put earplugs on my night stand from now on so that my sleep - what precious little I get, does not get broken up...Ear Plugs - for about $1 you can eliminate 50% of the complaints about idea whose time has come!

No - the ear plugs solution is not a be all end all but definately should be a part of the equation I think.

From now on when someone phones in to city hall and complains about excessive noise at night or when they are sleeping (for shift workers etc) the operator should ask for a mailing address and the person calling in should be sent a set of earplugs...

I am so glad that Dusty wrote about such a simple and affordable solution - I know so many husbands that use ear plugs to drown out the noise their wives make...I am amazed I never thought of this simple and cost effective way of shutting off the noise.

In other news:
In New Brunswick they are getting ready for Atlanticade next week. The event is being held in its new home of St Andrew.

Waterloo ON tourism is doing their best to attract more motorcycles 

In Kitchener ON there is a new ride for MS...

In Windsor ON a rider says that loud bikes are not safer.

 In Red Deer AB a 28 year old rider is dead after a left hand turning accident.
In motorcycle Industry news: MV Agusta has a recall for the F4

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today - PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and IS out to get you - ride proud - NOT loud.

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