The noise bylaw thing in Edmonton and every jurisdiction that is watching what's going on is weighing on my mind.

Along with gathering signatures I think it is time we start a defense fund folks.
I am hoping to attract a really good riding lawyer to take the case on as a civil rights suit - all the way to the supreme court if needed but I also want to have some really good scientific testing done on the loud pipes save lives "Theory".

Now I know first hand that pipe noise can be a wake up call for the distracted motorist beside me - but most people who resist the idea the loud pipes save lives use the argument that noise travels backwards and therefore our argument is faulty. Does anyone know of a really good, well respected testing house that we can use?

I  would be interested in any ideas that people can bring forth that would aide us in proving what we say about our pipes in certain urban riding conditions.

I would also be interested in what we could do to put a lid on the rude and inconsiderate in our community. After all - if people weren't being jerks from 9 pm on in to the wee hours of the morning, it is doubtful that there would be so much anger towards our community...

As always, your thougts and feed back is deeply appreciated...

In the news today:

In Rimbey AB a rider was air lifted to hospital after a collision with a semi

In Edmonton a rider escaped serious injury after a collision with a left hand turning car.

In Guelph ON another rider escaped serious injury from a left hand turning vehicle...

Non riders and riders are sick of extreme motorcycle noise as two articles, one from St Albert and in Edmonton indicate.

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today please ride like everyone around you is blind AND out to get you - ride proud not loud!

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  1. i've started a facebook group we can use to educate and collect experiences -!/group.php?gid=137575909592571&ref=mf