Between my web site and my Face Book pages I have a network of somewhere around 7,000 riders. When my web mistress told me that on top of the daily news feeds and this blog that I had to get involved on Face book I did so grudgingly, kicking and screaming really.

I takes me a full 2 hours every morning to get my news feeds updated, the writing and social networking done and yes some days I groan at the thought but then...something happens like Gator having an accident and I put it out there that we need some help and support for him and Ali and through F.I.R.R.E. and Vancouver Island AIM - voila a ton of people who seldom post or talk come out of the wood work to help out.

The Foundation for Injured Riders, Rights & Education may be pretty new but we are already making an impact. Between the corporate sponsors who have been coming on board with donations and the private individuals who have been helping out we have raised over $1500 so far to support 4 riders in our Face Book Group Auctions and that number is going to keep climbing as we have more donations coming in and a poker run and weekend party planned as fundraisers.

Cindy from the Southern AB Chapter along with her membership are hosting a Poker Run in July to support Yvonne Perry - John Coutts passenger - John sadly passed as a result o f their accident. Yvonne is a single mom of a 12 year old boy and she has CF.

Our Rider Friendly Business Association (RFBA) Rider Appreciation & F.I.R.R.E. Rider Memorial Event being held in Thorsby on August 7th & 8th is a Free event - riders only pay for their steaks and or breakfasts - rodeo games, scavenger hunt, poker run comedian and DJ round out the entertainment and along with a Farmers Market type vending experience, FREE camping and a ton of ride prizes to give away - well it should be a stellar weekend! 50/50 draws, silent auction and memberships will be the fund raising that is done and all funds will assist injured riders, riders rights and educational activities of F.I.R.R.E.
Money from the steaks will go to support the The gymnasium of the Thorsby school!

We are looking forward to that event as our fledgling group of 140 riders works at lighting a F.I.R.R.E. in the soul of every rider and grows its membership across Canada - I leave on our big promotional ride across Canada to promote the idea that riders are valuable human beings who do a variety of work, have incredible lives that deserve celebrating and that cagers need to share the road with us. I meet with the Mother Daughter Ride in Thunder Bay - the Ride for Dad in Kenora, the Bikers Church in Ottawa, The Bike Klub & Bean're in Moncton and a whole host of other incredible riders along the way as we spread the word and light the F.I.R.R.E. all the way to Charlottetown PEI in time for the Red Island Rally where I will simply be a spectator and then in to Digby NS for the Wharf Rat Rally where I will have a booth and partake in the Nova Scotia experience!

Yes - this community that I am a small part of is phenomenal, from Flo and her gang of pink clad ladies who have raised over $4,000 in their on line auctions for Breast Cancer on the Canadian side of their Conga to the MRFD and all of the fantastic good they do to the Ride for Sight and the countless other charitable causes we riders support I am so deeply and profoundly proud to be a part of this vibrant community.

I truly hope that every rider will look at the discrimination with which the city of Edmonton and the other jurisdictions are treating our community and consider signing our petitions - one for those who live in Edmonton - spearheaded by Liane Langlois of the Edmonton Motorcycle Club and the one for tourists and commuters.

Both Liane and myself have identified that there are those in our community who are thoughtless and self absorbed and deserve to be ticketed but we feel the laws that are being enacted need to reflect all offenders be they in trucks, commercial vehicles or cars...not just for motorcyclists and not with fines that are more than those for distracted drivers who can be the cause of injury and death for many riders.

As always - I welcome your comments and feed back!

In other news:

Man dies in county collision HIGWAY 62

Nanaimo man dies in motorcycle crash

Pro skateboarder Josh Evin feared dead after crash near Nelson 

English rider sweeps Isle of Man trophy races

There are many other news items to read at hope to see you join us and take advantage of our membership/savings card that is good for special services and savings at over 200 locations and soon to be 250 - we are just waiting for all of the Pacrim Hospitaly locations from Coast to Coast that have signed up to be part of our Rider Friendly Business Association!

I am also deeply and profoundly grateful to announce an alliance between myself and the Biker Coffee Company in Ottawa as we announce the Belt Drive Betty Blend!
It goes on sale tomorrow on their web site and is available in their variety sampler packs.

If you have not tried their Organic Fair Trade Coffee and are still drinking Timmy's then you have NOOOO idea what you are missing.  The Biker Coffee Company has developed their blends carefully and I am proud to endorse their products as Rider Friendly!!!!

For all of you who really love good coffee...the Biker Coffee Company has a blend just for you no matter your taste!

I am off to Jasper for some photography and filming for a special project with some of our RFBA partners and this weekend I will be in New Norway for the Soldiers Ride for my birthday!

Ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you - IS out to get you and please remember to ride proud - not loud, save those pipes for when a distracted driver who will only pay a $175 fine drifts in to you! The $250 fine for loud pipes in Edmonton won't hurt so bad if you aren't in the hospital as a result of the distracted driver.

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