Man it is so nice to update the news feeds and have so much Happy hews for a change!
It is also so rewarding to have a successful day doing sales.

In the past two days I have been able to sign up Harley-Davidson of Edmonton, the Sunnybrook Hotel and Pair A Dice Trikes! I have 11 more locations that are going to let me know for sure by Friday but they all sound very positive so our little card will be good at some 200 locations if they all come on board!

It is exciting and rewarding to see this network grow the way it is.
Yesterday I was at the Pointe West Honda ride night and got to visit with Panther and the boys from F.I.R.R.E. and the Canadian Lonewolves - it was fabulous!

As I said, the news is all happy and upbeat for a change and that makes my heart soar - same as the sunshine we are being blessed with!

The girls of the Bike Klub get a special invite - what an honour for them!

The Ride for Doug in BC is coming up.

The Indian Riders in Calgary are having a breakfast ride...

Niagara is getting geared up for their big shin dig!

The Edmonton Sun has a special Ride for Dad promotion happening.

If you are fortunate to be riding today - PLEASE ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you - IS out to get you and remember to ride proud - not loud - save them pipes for when they are really needed!

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