I am enjoying a morning of English Sunshine here in Campbellton NB. (Well - OK, I don't really enjoy the rain but I can pretend I do and at least not hate it - right?) What I am not enjoying are the news feeds - again...

I have a question for all of you who ride...does anyone here really believe that you can out run motorola? No huh...didn't really think so...

Why then did a 31 year old female rider run from police in Newfoundland? The article doesn't tell us why she was stopped - just dangerous driving - or why she ran...? In possession of something she shouldn't have? Stolen bike? No License?  Too many demerits already? Why...sad cause at 31 one would assume this gal has a bright future ahead of her...OH WELL.

Then there is a rider who was killed in an accident in NS - I do not understand the way this rider died - the article is rather confusing - he went out of control and slid under a car?  Does that mean the car stopped suddenly and he was following too closely?

And a rider that is in critical condition after a collision in Longueuil QC - he rear ended a car.

There is a sad trend here folks and I guess this is why I feel F.I.R.R.E. is so invaluable - the Foundation for Injured Riders, Rights & education  - maybe through education we can prevent some of these tragedies in the future.

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Tonight I will be in Charlottetown PEI for the beginning of the first ever Red Island Rally - I will miss Shediac but hope to get some updates and info from there.

No mater which event you attend this weekend, PLEASE - Ride defensively, ride your own ride - do NOT let peer pressure get the best of you...Ride like everyone around you is BLIND, has an UNSAFE load and IS out to get you and please - ride Proud not Loud - invest in a 140 DB Air horn instead! 

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