I read with some interest, concern and dismay at the possibility of an event called Sturgis North coming to Salmon Arm BC in July of 2011.

Ray Sasseville of Sturgis North Promotions Inc., Phil Wright of the Salmon Arm Fall Fair Society and Steve Hammer - the Treasurer of the Salmon Arm Summer Stomp have tentatively booked the fairgrounds in Salmon Arm for July 10 to 20, with the event slated to run Thursday, July 13 to Sunday, July 17.

Now - unless I am totally and completely out of it - I would say that Steve Hammer has a conflict of interest problem.

How can the treasure of one bike event get in to bed with another bike event?
It is just a question - not a judgment, as I have no inside information but on the face of it isn't presented very well. I wonder how the rest of the Salmon Arm Summer Summer Stomp Committee feels about this turn of events. I can only imagine - I mean the treasurer knows EVERYTHING about a group. They can vote, the know how much money has come in and where it goes out.

I am really concerned for the health of the Salmon Arm Summer Stomp if this conflicting event is allowed to proceed unless of course these two events are merging.

Compare what appears to be happening in Salmon Arm with my own situation from earlier this week: I was accused of having a conflict of interest by being a volunteer and a sponsor and for throwing all of my resources - FOR FREE - behind an unregistered non profit to help see it succeed and flourish and got voted out of the volunteer position on the board which was a NON voting position.

( On the web site I host for the group they have posted the results of the AGM Vote stating that I had tendered my resignation... the information as posted is not exactly accurate and if anyone would like to know what really happened, call me and I will be happy  to share my PERSONAL experience with this group)

I think the group from the Summer Stomp will need to look at legal action or find a way to get an injunction to prevent the Sturgis North Event from going ahead unless somehow these two groups plan on working together.

The couple who died in the distracted driving/road rage incident of the weekend have been identified as a couple that was planning on marrying this summer.
Jay Searson and his 40 year old fiancee Andrea Spyker, died when he failed to see a coming curve - they were riding on the hit reflector on the shoulder of the road at the time.  Again - my heart goes out to these two families - I can only imagine the pain and anguish they must be feeling right now.

The 21 year old  racer - Jesse Phibbs - who was critically injured in Indianapolis
last month has died in a London hospital. My heart goes out to his family as well.

And in Alameda Saskatchewan they are preparing for the funeral of Doug "Hippy" Lesy.

So many deaths - so many families hurting. I wished I could give them all a hug.

As with everything I write, every day, I appreciate your input - I will never grow without dialogue!

In other News:
Winnipegger Bob St. Goddard is being inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame!

In the Comox Valley of Vancouver Island BC the Totem riders raised over $3000 for the St Joe's Hospital

Also in BC - they are expecting a good turn out in Williams Lake for their Overlander Cross Country Race.

And in Ottawa - a motorcycle and a car crashed - no word on who the rider is but the report says the injuries were not life threatening.

In Alberta a study was completed that expresses that 91% of  drivers in this province would FAIL a learners test and that should surprise us how? That is a topic for another day though!

If you are riding today - you lucky SOB...PLEASE be careful - we need you, your family needs you...

Belt Drive Betty
Rider & Editor

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