So remember my questions yesterday about road rage...
Well folks - now you can read all about the devastating consequences yourselves.
This is heart breaking and tragic but timely. I am so sorry the man who felt the rage and decided trying to send a message to an inattentive motorist died for his efforts but the motorcyclist was in the wrong - like it or not that my friends and enemies is the sad but honest truth.

I am so sad that the 51 year old rider's passenger died because the rider was trying to send a message - please do not think me callous because I say this rider was at fault. ANYTIME I loose a member of my family - regardless whether they were my FAVORITE Family member, MY LEAST FAVORITE FAMILY MEMBER or one I BARELY KNEW or DID NOT KNOW - loosing them - no matter the reason still hurts. I can only imagine how their families feel right now.

Had this man been riding his motorcycle instead of multi-tasking and taking his eyes away from the road - he'd probably still be alive and so would his passenger.

Now - I think that everyone who rides who has had a near miss has probably ridden up beside a vehicle and given the driver the what for. I know I have.

But until this sad story appeared in the news I don't think even I had considered the full of the potential consequences of that particular reaction - they are tragic and devastating and in order for these two people's lives - who ever they may be - not be a waste by being snuffed out too soon we all need to take a HUGE lesson from this (IMHO)

Distracted driving kills.  

Road Rage KILLS. 

WE need to get that.

EXCESSIVE SPEED KILLS - look at the number of rear end collisions where the rider is at fault.

Drinking and riding kills, drugging and riding kills and sooner or later fate will deal you a hand that everyone who loves you gets to pay for if you aren't prepared to get that message.

WE - this community - needs to get it before I loose anymore people - before you loose any more people. My God in heaven - this puts the death toll amongst riders at some 140 or damned ably close this year.

I am crushed people - and SO FLAMING ANGRY.
This is so senseless and tragic and we need to find a way to make this stop.
We need to focus on prevention and education.
We need to focus on riding.

I get accused a lot of being to opinionated, too mouthy and too "Over zealous"

Well yah know what - I am PROUD to be the Mouthy, Cantankerous, Hard Nosed, Independent SOB that I am. I am proud to stand up for what I believe in and that I am a BIKER, through and through.

Liane Langlois is the same on many levels and she is working so hard with in our community to get a discriminatory law repealed to protect us, our charter and our rights.
I hope you will honor this woman's hard work on this community's behalf by getting out and voting EDMONTON.

Liane has been working at getting information on where every candidate stand on the issues and will be doing a special report for the Busted Knuckle on who the candidates are and where they stand on the issues - we shall see who responds and who takes this community seriously.

Now that the major news of the day is out of the way I have some news of a personal nature to share.

As of last night, I am no longer the Marketing VP for the 
Foundation for Injured Riders, Rights & Education.  

It appears that those who attended the AGM decided that having me, one of the two FOUNDING members be a part of the Board of Directors AND be a Major National Sponsor wasn't a good thing. Too many people apparently were thinking that because Belt Drive Betty & The Busted Knuckle Chronicles had put all of her personal resources behind FIRRE and did so on both the sponsorship level and the volunteer level that there was a conflict of interest because of my out spoken ways as the Editor of the Busted Knuckle.

So - since I am no longer chained down to the responsibility of marketing a cause that I so DEEPLY believe in that it was taking up all of my time - I am officially announcing today that I am going to concentrate on the BDB Club - The Rider Friendly Business Association & the Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association which is a registered Non Profit.

I need to support my community with MY resources and MY hard work and MY efforts in a way that makes sense to me and use my business resources in a way that makes sense. In a way that feels right to me and this feels right.

Once my lawyer and I have discussed the various ideas that are rolling around in my head and we figure out the BEST way to proceed - then we will make some official announcements.

I wish the Foundation for Injured Riders, Rights & Education well. I will continue to support them as a sponsor with free web site hosting and a host of other self promotional tools the way I do every other non profit that asks for support and I will stay on as a member.
I believe in the cause, I believe in the mission.

I want always to be a good servant to my community and family and even though my family and I sometimes disagree the way that families are wont to do - I will always remain true to who I am and I will always give to my community and walk the biker way - I do not know how to be anyone else.

All that ANY Community group that needs exposure and assistance in marketing has to do is ASK - call me, email me....

I AM HERE to be a communication channel - I DO NOT HAVE to like you to support you.
I only need to believe in the cause you are working for or to see that the cause or group has value to the community where they live.

We are NOT always going to like each other or AGREE with each other but we do NEED to SUPPORT EACH OTHER and just for the record I am NOT a CONVENTIONAL Business Person - when it comes to serving my community with my resources - resources that were built with the SOLE purpose of benefiting the BIKER COMMUNITY - EVERYTHING IS PERSONAL because this isn't just my business - ITS MY LIFESTYLE, MY LIFE AND MY MISSION - Love me or hate me - it is who I am for I am a TRUE BIKER.

I will help anyone -  at least once -  who needs it if - it is within my power.

So next years Awareness Conga is going to Cape Breton Nova Scotia for the Cape Breton Bike Fest - details to be hammered out soon! AND get ready cause next year Belt Drive Betty's Awareness Conga is planning to go to the Northern reaches of BC, the Yukon & NWT and then all to the way to Cape Breton NS!
The ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY will be nothing but day after day of riding and meeting the riders of this country! We are not sure what it is all going to look like yet but we are planning to include as much of this magnificent country of ours as possible!

We'll let you know when WE get it all figured out.
As always I appreciate your feedback and comments and look forward to the dialogue this day will hold.

Belt Drive Betty
Rider & Editor
A MAX Award winning web site!

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  1. bunny babe8:31 PM

    You tell 'em, Betty! I love your honesty!

  2. Thanks Bunny - appreciate that - there are those who think I am too blunt : )