On Sunday afternoon a man and a woman were seriously hurt on highway 5 just outside of Saskatoon - apparently paramedics arrived on scene to find a small army of people helping the two riders.

Troy Davies with MD ambulance says the veteran paramedics found impromptu volunteers directing traffic and helping the victims.
"It's pretty rare for us to see that many people step up and lend a hand and the teamwork that our guys seen out there was just something they wanted to get out there to the public," said Davies. From CKOM News
If there can be anything positive in an accident this would be it. 
I personally would love to tell those angels of mercy how much their consideration and kindness means - this story has warmed my hurt heart so very much! 
And Liane Langlois who has headed up the repeal of the Motorcycle Noise Bylaw in Edmonton can take heart that municipalities are listening to her message and they are waiting to see what is going to happen AND they are starting to do the math!
Red Deer is the latest community to decide that attempting to only target motorcycles for noise will be costly - an ineffective use of police man power and potentially discriminatory. 
Inspector Ray Noble filed a report to city staff suggesting that a bylaw for souped-up vehicles may not carry enough benefits to justify passing it.
During 2009, only 46 of 1,778 audited complaints related to municipal bylaws dealt with noise from vehicles, said Noble.
“This number represents less than three per cent of noise-related complaints received by Red Deer detachment.”.....
Edmonton council introduced the bylaw for motorcycle noise in June and is now considering adding other vehicle noise.  Edmonton Police Service bought eight noise meter kits at $3,000 each. Police can issue $250 tickets to individuals with motorcycles generating sound louder than 92 decibels (while idling) or 96 decibels when the bike is moving.
A staff report reveals that some residents in Edmonton are concerned that the new bylaw only focuses on motorbikes. From the Red Deer Advocate

I am impressed with the dedication and passion with which Liane Langlois has fought for her fellow rider and their rights. I would love to see a concerted effort by all riders to work at protecting our rights and while I will always hope and work to that end myself - I sadly feel that too many people feel the job is too big and they are either too busy or too independent to think that they need to unite to work towards or for anything.

The Foundation for Injured Riders Rights & Education WILL falter and be a total non starter unless people get involved. As a founding member of the group I would be so happy to see it fly and become a strong and powerful lobbying and support group but unless the people who step up to volunteer for positions actually DO something and unless they get some support from the riding community - well it will go by the way side without so much as a whimper just like ACOM before it did (The Alberta arm of the very effective and successful lobbying group BCCOM)

While I am no longer involved with the group because they feel I am too controversial -
I still believe in the cause - I still believe that we riders have the potential to make real change happen but unless we unite under one umbrella and put personality conflicts, in house fighting, hidden agendas and politics aside and FOCUS on the issues - the cause -  we will NEVER accomplish a damned thing - as I am fond of saying "United we ride - Divided we ride stock"

The cause of riders rights, injured riders and getting better, accessible and affordable training should be straight forward enough for any rider to get involved and be able to put personal dislikes aside for the greater good - in the words of Author Peter McWilliams:
“If you're not actively involved in getting what you want, you don't really want it.”

I want to see more stories like the two I have chosen to talk about today - I want there to be some feel good in this community - it's been like herding cats to get people work together but it is heartwarming to know that when they do amazing - stunning things happen.
The riders in Saskatoon - when they are on the mend and doing better I bet are going to feel some blessed for their private little army of people who put themselves aside - who laid down their apathy and did something to make a difference.
And Liane, well - she has done so much with so little help. A friend of hers, Dan - helped with the research of the Charter and other points of law, a few people got out and collected signatures for the petitions and I helped to spread the word by whatever ways and means that I could - but for the most part this human dynamo has managed virtually single handedly to make councils think about the costs - socially as well as financially - and yah know what folks - that is a tough, tough job but the lady has done it. She has impacted Saskatoon SK and Caledon ON not just Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary!
I am constantly amazed when people say I have no time, or I am only one person - you know something that I have discovered?
I urge you - I beg you to get out there and vote - ask questions - educate yourself and make informed decisions about who you are going to vote for.
I am of the firm belief - the more I get to know: a) people   b) politicians c) the way governments work - that if voters made informed choices we might actually have the power to attract some decent civic minded politicians...I think the reason we get the crappy politicians that we do so often, is people either do not vote - or they do not inform themselves of the stances of the people running.
As always - I welcome your comments and dialogue - it is only through the sharing of ideas and talking to each other that we can ever learn empathy - the art of putting yourself in anothers shoes...and it is only by doing that that we become united, strong and FREE.
I have a ton to get done today - I have so much to catch up on.
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If you are fortunate enough to be riding today - please ride safely, keep a level head, make sure you checked your tires for wear and pressure and take a bug or two for me K?

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