Sometimes I get inspired by the strangest things...
yesterday I found inspiration in anger of all things!

Charities - be they motorcycle events or not are the back bone of our social safety nets.
Many charities are being put in a position where they are being forced to pay for police overtime to host parades and awareness events as city and town budgets are stretched to the max.

After the article out of Olympia and having had my own experiences with police services as an event coordinator and as a member of the local toys for tots group - I was very, deeply angry. (My daughter and I - 22 years ago, were benefactors of a toy run and it's generosity - without them her 4th Christmas would have been - bleak to say the least)

I have been learning to focus on the outcomes I want.
So after a good cry, I asked myself the ONLY important question: HOW do we change this?

After all kinds of phone calls, research on the computer and letter writing I hit on something that if we can get community support for, I believe we can make work!

The idea is to train a bunch of riders in every community to become Professional Traffic Control people using their motorcycles for blocking traffic just like most of us do right now but we'd be certified by the province's transportation and safety departments. Just like crossing guards we would have CPR &  First Aide training, we'd be taught the Highway Traffic Act as it pertains to controlling traffic and we'd then - after a practical training session and a small written exam be certified. 

I have been talking to various Safety Council's across the country and there is great interest from them so we shall see what we can do to put together a pilot project and if successful, we'd be able to reduce the costs of keeping people safe. This would free up the police services, reduce costs to everyone and there would be no more hassles. I have also put out inquiries about the cost for insurance and how we could deal with that.

You can help by going to your local charities, presenting them with the idea and getting letters of support from them. The more support we can garner the more likely we are to be successful in getting this project of the ground. We also want letters of support from the riding clubs and the more riding clubs that we can get to support this initiative the better!

The letters of support can be sent to the CMTA (Canadian Motorcycle Tourism Association)
They can be sent to my office here in Grande Prairie and I will make sure they get to the right people!
10908-102 St
Grande Prairie AB T8V 2X3

The news is kind of flat again today - it is that time of year!
One story of note is about a group called CALM - Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles

Read the article folks - this noise stuff has become a cancer.
The only question we need to ask ourselves is HOW do we change the tide of anti motorcyclist sentiment. When we ask HOW can we do something the answers will come and we will be successful - the challenge is we need every motorcyclist possible asking themselves that question so that we can find the creative solutions.

One group in the states has signs made that are posted a few blocks before you enter hospital and nursing home areas . They also have them in their business and eating districts...

The signs ask motorcyclists to use respect with their throttle hand as people are sick, infirm or doing business. If we used that principal here - if we simply reminded people  that we need to live with others and share this world perhaps we could impact some of the wrong doers and or show offs. Like I said folks we need creative ideas! Put your thinking caps on and email me your ideas for a more peaceful and less contentious way of policing our own and stemming this flow of anger towards our community!

As always I welcome your feedback and differing opinions and ideas becasue it is through the sharing of ideas and discussion that we grow, evolve and become stronger as a community.

Join me on Face Book, in our forums on and/or right here in my blog - talk to me people!

Have a wonderful, creative thinking kind of day - I know mine will be...
Please if you are attending Christmas Parties, plan your way home in advance!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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