Out of the Philippines today comes an article that could be straight out of a Stephen King book or movie.

A man with an intense hatred for the noise a motorcycle makes killed one man and critically wounded another.

Begin Quote:

Chief Inspector Rodel Marcelo, head of the Quezon City Police District’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit, said that the man who attacked the victims with a bolo—36-year-old Procopio Endriga—surrendered to policemen afterward.

“He claimed he hates [the sound made by] motorcycles and cannot stand the noise,” Marcelo told the Inquirer.

He added, “He also said he fears for his life [because] he is being followed by motorcycle drivers.”

Marcelo said he would recommend that Endriga undergo a medical checkup to determine his mental condition.

Endriga told the police that he lives on the street and that he used to be a construction worker until his contract expired.

According to Marcelo, Endriga was standing in front of the Maynilad Water office at the corner of EDSA and Monte de Piedad Street in Cubao, Quezon City, when the victims drove by him on their motorcycles, one after the other.

Witnesses said Morta had just parked his motorcycle in front of the water utility firm’s office when he was attacked by Endriga.

The latter then went after Calapiz who was still on his motorcycle. End Quote.

Now I understand the man in this article is probably unstable and has emotional challenges, but folks, there are a lot of tormented people in this world and this article is yet one other example of why we as a community need to get much better at empathy - of putting ourselves in other people's shoes and learning to be more responsible with how we share this world we have to live in with others.

I have zero idea if these riders were riding in a respectable manner or whether they had extremely loud or factory exhausts - but just like the cases where some people intentionally ram motorcycles off the road - offence or not on the part of the rider, there are those who have had bad experiences with other motorcyclists and this type of tragic situation really should serve as a wake up call to our community.

There is quite a bit in the news feeds today, an article on the season finale for SOA, but if like me you haven't yet seen the final episode - DO NOT read it today...

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I leave you with a couple of funnies shared by my friends on Facebook or emailed to me to start your day off on a healthy note... because Laughter really is THE BEST Medicine.

Have a fabulous hump day.

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