The Busted Knuckle Chronicles started out as a hobby. It was something I started to keep me feeling like a productive citizen after a car/canoe crash altered my world.

When I started it, I had a dream and vision of helping my community have a place to celebrate it's triumphs, discuss and share important issues and information. For me, the newspaper has never really been about me - even though it is my baby...I have always wanted it to belong to the motorcycle community here in Canada - to be about the motorcycle community here in Canada.

Well, I have realized that dream and along the way I have had a lot of life lessons thrown at me.
Some I got, some I have had to repeat, some are new - I have come to view life as a perpetual classroom.

Not only am I learning how to become a bona fide business person, but I am learning how to teach people what I know, what I do, as I build a team. I am learning how to use new technologies, to become a better and more effective communicator.  I am learning on so many fronts, tripping and falling, dusting myself off and trying again. I did not know one could trip and fall and get back up that many times!

I feel like I am in Hyper drive...learning to find some sense of balance - being able to shut the business off, the chatter off in my head - that is my single biggest challenge and the life lesson I feel I need to learn the most. Every time the business grows it is the same challenge, finding that balance - learning how to manage things.

When I get out of balance, I become over sensitive, sharp and insensitive, I forget important things and struggle with things that should come naturally. A lot of it comes from the constant dialogue that runs through my head - I have been learning meditation as a way to shut that constant chatter off, and it seems to be helping.

For me, riding my bike has always been a way for me to get my priorities straight and during the winter when I am deprived of being on my bike, I tend to struggle with balance worse than in the spring, summer and fall.

It is my fondest hope that others who ride that are in business will share some of their techniques for staying balanced, focused and calm. When you can't be on your bike, when you can't get that therapy session in, how do you cope?

Other things I want to learn more on are time management, prioritizing, effective leadership, communications - there are so many things I need and want to learn and so many courses out there by so many teachers.
Finding the one whose method of teaching hits home for me has proven very tedious and expensive. Buying books, CD's, spending time only to find - I didn't come away with the things I needed to learn.

I appreciate and value your ideas, experiences and suggestions - so please, feel free to help a girl out and share the tools you have used to take charge of your life and to be the best person you are capable of being.

In the news today:

There was a false story leaked out on a blog that Jon Bon Jovi was dead - rest assured that it was a hoax.

There are some workers at Harley-Davidson that have tough choices ahead

A company in India reached an out of court settlement with Harley-Davidson over a trademark infringement.

In Ontario a judge overturned an acquittal of a cop. Const. Dean Rudge is to be retried for leaking police documents to the Hells Angels

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I will leave you with some funnies that have been shared with me by email and on Facebook...hope they brighten your day!

Have a FABULOUS Tuesday!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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