Out of Australia comes news of a big shift with lawyers in that country. Known to vehemently oppose the government's anti association legislation, they are now giving the proposed, newly re written anti - gang laws their qualified support.

Begin Quote: 
"It is unfortunate that a minority group in the community at the moment are causing such significant changes to the law, but if at the moment the law is unable to cope with their activities we need to find a balance to control them." Mr Rau yesterday introduced a suite of legislation in Parliament to tackle gangs, some parts of which were defeated, delayed or dramatically modified by the Upper House last year.

He has also changed anti-association legislation overturned in the High Court, so that now the power to declare a gang illegal would rest with a Supreme Court judge rather than the Attorney-General.

Mr Rau said the new measures were a "surgical strike" and further violence was likely if there were no changes. End Quote

What will this law mean to regular rider? Will the regular rider end up getting tarred with this law too and will they be able to defend themselves?  I guess only time will tell.

In other News:

One in Florida and one in Toronto, two more Harley-Davidson dealers close their doors...will this open the doors for more Victory and Indian dealers? 

In the trial of RCMP Officer Monty Robinson the judge hearing the case, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Janice Dillion has adjourned it to decide if the evidence from Constable Swallow is admissible.

Plans for Sturgis North in Vernon BC are rocking ahead...the Galz from MotocyGalz have a great report on the event and what is planned.

Riders In Nova Scotia are getting ready to get their PMS Fix as the Halifax International Bike Show gears up for this weekend.

In Motorcycle News, Ducati has issued a recall for certain 2011 and 2012 Monsters and Hypermotards for cracked fuel lines.

In Custom Bike News there is an article from Motor Biker about a new Harley Trike that leans, looks like a roadster car from the front, leans like a Spyder...funky looking ride...

In the Attitude Zone - Letters to the Editor - is an article about the Stats generated by police services and how those stats change if you threaten to cut budgets.

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