Today I have many people to thank. We held a quick auction over the weekend to raise some funds for the employees of Mountain Man Services in Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island BC.

Mark Mullen and his mom Kristina Toomey donated a full set of the original cast of SOA prints to the cause and while we did not hit my mark of $900 we were darned close. We raised $750.

It was fabulous that in spite of it being so close to Christmas - so many got involved. The first day of the auction I was concerned as it didn't seem to be going well and I desperately wanted us to raise some good coin, but in true biker fashion, it picked up steam on day two and concluded well.

Kristina and Mark - thank you for your generosity and paying it forward attitude.
To all who bid whether you won or not - thank you for getting involved and for those who could not afford to jump in on an auction but promoted it to your friends via Facebook and Twitter -THANK YOU.

It's a tough time of year for everyone. We all have our own families to think about, presents to buy and I have to say, I am, as usual awed by the generosity of so many.

Without you, we have some at risk youth who would not be going back to work!

We have enough Canadian Tire Money and cash to kit out 4 of the employees so that they can get back to work. We will be collecting Canadian Tire Money right through January so keep on sending it!

The gift of Jobs for Christmas - what a better way to celebrate Christmas is there than knowing these young people can continue being bread winners for their families. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

We only have a few days left in our Johnny Pag & Belt Drive Betty have a secret contest.

You could win some fabulous swag from Johnny Pag and Belt Drive Betty - all you have to do is log in to and make a guess!

I am like a little kid right now busting at the seams to make the announcement which will come via the Busted Knuckle's lead article!  If you don't get the newspaper we will be making the announcement later in the morning on Thursday on Facebook & Twitter.

I actually have some other big news coming down the pipes that we will announce (hopefully) just before Christmas. It has to do with our new TV series - Belt Drive Betty -Ride Like a Local...all the contracts are done with Eastlink and the show will be promoted on 10 specialty channels and aired 6 days a week from June to December. As soon as we have the details all worked out for our big announcement - I'll be letting you in on it!

The news feeds aren't overly busy yet this morning - I had two cats wake me up at 3 AM and could not fall back to sleep so I decided to get up and get at it this morning!

We will be checking them periodically all day long so stay tuned to where our work is keeping You informed!

In today's news:

In Ottawa - the Ottawa International Bike Show is getting geared up!

Toronto just finished up the Power Sports Services show.

30,000 bikers turned out for the Sun Run to aid sick children in Florida

Another 1,500 turned out in LA for the Skid Row toy run.

In Long Beach - a police officer rides his first electric motorcycle.

In Australia - it appears the government is finally listening to bikers.

I leave you with a few funnies, shared with me by friends on Facebook and via email - have a good giggle cause soon you'll be fully awake and realize that it's MONDAY!

Have a fantastic week everyone!
Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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