Yesterday I shared with you the information about my good friend and brother of the family wind, Pat Savage and his dream of a Travel TV Series all about motorcycling. Well, Pat Savage, a talented guitarist from Ontario is going to be coming back home to Canada to do some filming for that show and he and his band are going to be available to play gigs as well.

If you have an event with a decent budget, I recommend that you consider The Pat Savage Band as the entertainment this year (and his TV Series - The Savage Roads).  I for one would love to see his trip home to Canada be the roaring success it deserves to be and that the US portion of his swing be equally amazing.

If you are interested in having Pat & his amazing band play at your event anywhere in North America and who knows, be a part of the Savage Roads TV Series - drop him a line - (fix the spaces) patsavageband @ !

It is exciting that the riding community is breaking through a lot of barriers in so many positive ways.  The riding community is filled with people working on and living their dreams.

And sometimes, it is the motorcycle that helps you find the highway in the strangest of ways...

Case in point - there is a bakery in Orange County California called Charm City Cakes West, whose owner is known as the "Ace of Cakes".

4 years ago a baker by the name of Duff Goldman, built/baked a full sized Ducati motorcycle cake.
According to the article written by Moto Journalist, Susan Carpenter, the cake had working lights, spinning tires, even a speaker that mimicked its wha wha wha whoom exhaust, and as a bonus, Duff Goldman was given a real Ducati.  You seriously need to read the whole article - what an amazing and wonderful story it is...

Dreams - they come in all shapes and all sizes, as do the people who dare to dream.

Have you ever woken up and just known, that somehow, you were blessed? That things have turned a corner for you?

As I go through my regular morning routine of e-mails, news feeds and coffee, I have come to feel and realize just how blessed I truly am.

Like every small business owner out there, there are times when I question what I am doing.
Those times when cash flow sucks or deadlines make you feel choked.
Those day to day tasks that take the life out of you...and you wonder to yourself...

Does anything I do or say make a difference to anyone?
Does what I have to offer really have any value to anyone? Does it serve people in a way they need?

I am positive that I am not alone in re-evaluating my dreams - of examining them to make sure they align with your core values.

Other times, well you just know that what you are doing does have value and meaning for others.
It is those times that we small business owners and every human being out there lives for.

I have been utterly blessed.

11 years ago, I had a dream of creating a clearinghouse of information for riders - a place that would help them make the most of their riding season, to feel connected as brothers and sisters of the family "Wind"and to get the support and help they needed to live their dreams.

I am so humbled by the team that has gathered around me - those whose ideologies, dreams and needs seem to be parallel to mine.

There is Ali - the amazing woman who waltzed  into my life to save my web site from an unscrupulous web designer and who has grown and learned and become one fabulous web designer not to mention a valued friend.

Ali's hubby Don who pitches in with Data Entry and Calendar management.

And Darryl, the American rider who has been helping us with layout for the past two years.

We now add Brent Schultz, also from Ladysmith BC to our web development team and he is already proving himself to be a valuable asset.

Stephanie Arnold-Coffin has begun helping me out with administration...and how much help that has been I can not begin to tell you!

Without these people, I could not do what I do. I could not be living the dream I do.
And all of the above people know that I am rooting for them in their dreams and as long as our dreams remain parallel - well - then we are all working for what we want out of our lives - our own dreams...

Then there are the people of the community - the volunteer reporters, the people who share what is happening in their lives, their communities and help us feel connected to each other.

Quentin Kerfoot, R. Jeff Legrand, Liane Langlois, Kevin Jones, bad Uncle Monkey, David Page, Kate B., Chuck Pearce, Lou DeVuono, Medric Cousineau, Kate, Kalye and Lisa Perry...Mike Bechard, Robert Whaley, Bruno Gauweiler and so many more....

Without the people who saw value in sharing their events, their stories, their causes etc...we would not have the sense of community we enjoy today, one I pray will get larger and stronger and deeper with each passing year.

And how about our sponsors - advertisers if you will - an amazing bunch of business people who understand the need of the motorcycle community to connect and communicate.  Like any sponsor they do so with the hopes you will give their business a shot to earn your business - and don't forget most of them are riders living out their own dreams....Again, with out these people we as a company can not give back into our community!

PLEASE if you can, support them - acknowledge them and their contribution.

Yes, I am a blessed woman - I had a dream, I worked at it, shared it, nurtured it and here I am today, living it.
But no matter how big and wonderful any dream is - you can't do it alone - it truly does take a community to raise a child and the child the rider community has raised is the Busted Knuckle Chronicles and

We never celebrated the 10th anniversary for the paper - The Busted Knuckle Chronicles.

I wanted to be different and have an 11th Anniversary Party Year.  

Hey, there's our new slogan - Belt Drive Betty Media - where doing things differently is what we do best! LMAO

Next week is the beginning of our 11th Anniversary - the year we laugh...the year we share...the year we remember and hence why my Conga this year touches all 10 provinces and both rideable territories and 16 states and why it supports our veterans and their causes...and why I have a Beaver Mascot who need a name - please go vote - hint, hint...

A rider is a rider, is a rider no matter where in the world we live.  We are ALL family and sometimes we don't agree or see eye to eye, but we share a common bond - the love of the motorcycle and we are a different breed of cat...and like any family, when we need each other - we come together...

Family WIND - I need you.

This is our Anniversary - our Birthday if you will - and it is going to be an amazing year filled with giving and sharing and riding and I can't wait to take you all on this journey with me - the meet you, hug you, share the highway, share your communities and a bit of our souls with each other.

11 years...that have been filled with good times, bad times and in between times...
11 years - none of which could have happened without you...

It's a party and you are all invited - Next week we begin the celebrations...

Join us for a year of contests, prizes, special offers, special tools for your riding season....register at - it's free!

I sign off saying thank you to the lord my God, to my husband, to my colleagues, to my friends, to my make me feel so very blessed.

I have to share with you a few funnies shared with me by friends on Facebook and by e-mail.

Laughter is good for the soul!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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