It's been a busy morning already. The news feeds are full today and it was interesting reading about what's going on in our community around the world.

I love this part of my job, sifting through the e-mails that have come in over night, drinking that first warm and aromatic cup of coffee and low and behold, there is an e-mail from my friend and brother, Pat Savage.

The man is stoked, pumped, excited, invigorated and he has so much reason to be!

The e-mail I received from him was all about the pilot episode for his upcoming TV series, The Savage Roads.  The email talked of his dream finally coming true - all of the challenges that the Savage Road threw at him, to bring him here - to the precipice of a dream come true...

I can't wait until I am allowed to share this pilot episode with you all!

What a treat, very, very well done!

I enjoyed the scenery, the music, the people, the places - my feet are so itchy to ride!

Congratulations to my friend, Pat Savage - brother I am so very deeply happy for you!
You have worked so hard to get here and I am rooting for your success because I believe you truly deserve it!

Speaking of feet that are itchy to ride, to explore...

We have what I am hoping, will be the final revision to the 2013 Conga - Bikers United in Remembrance.

10 provinces, 2 territories, and 16 states - 99 days on the road.

The Conga this year is a Military Riding Club Challenge.

Our Sponsors include:
Our Presenting sponsor - Johnny Pag Motorcycles Canada
along with Johnny Pag Motorcycles - USA and Johnny Pag Motorcycles International.

Pair-A-Dice Trikes - Sunnybrook AB

Amsoil Dealer - KAT Enterprises from Red Deer

Bike Magic - Dean Meikle

There will be many more sponsors to list and thank now that the schedule is pretty much set!

We are going to be giving away TWO - Johnny Pag Motorcycles, military themed!

The winners will be the Military Riding Clubs in both Canada and the US that bring the MOST people out to meet me!

One motorcycle for the Canadians, and one motorcycle for the Americans!

It's a Pledge Ride - every rider who comes out to meet me is asked to bring $20 and the name of the Military Riding Club they are throwing their support behind.

The funds we raise in Canada are going to be split between 3 charities here in Canada
The same will happen with the US!

We want to create awareness and raise funds to make a difference in the lives of our veterans!

We will be filming, and riding (for my own TV show that will air on Eastlink Cable beginning in June and the spin off show that will air on YouTube in October)...with the people who come out to join me.

In return for your pledge money you will be  given a gift - a token of our appreciation...AND, it is my hopes that you will get to meet my Beaver Mascot - we don't know what her name will be yet but she's a cutie - created for me by Paul Jamiole!

Some communities are already set to throw fundraising parties - in Edmonton AB there is a Fund Raiser set for Fandango's on July 7th...

Sunnybrook AB is gearing up for a party on the 15th of July...

Some riders down Calgary way already have an escort - and a ride set up and the same in Dallas Texas!

I can't wait - I am stoked to be doing something to give back to those who have given soooo much for the rest of us!

I hope you will join me somewhere along the way - be it for an hour, a day, a week or more!!!

Here are a few funnies, shared with me by friends on Facebook & via e-mail!

I am going to sign off for now - have a fabulous Wednesday everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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