Over the last couple of days I have shared a few stories about dreams and how they are coming true for people.

Today I want to share another story about a person with a dream, a passion, a fire...Larry P Scerri.

I have known Larry for a good long while now. Way back, before he and I had kind of lost touch with each other, Larry used to send me some of his poetry to share with those who read the Busted Knuckle Chronicles.

Well, life happened, time passed, and one day, out of the blue, Larry was back in my life.
It's funny how bad pennies and friends do and out of your life and you pick up where you left off without missing hardly a beat.

Larry sent me his book "Asphalt Range" to review and one as a gift for our Beat the PMS Blues Online Show 'n' Shine as a prize.

For a long time Larry - the "Ironhorse Writer" dreamt of having a book of his American free verse, rider poetry published.

Well, his dream has come true.

He has this book that is about 170 pages long. It's filled with poetry from as far back as 1998. It's written in chapters and every chapter's name makes you think of the different stages in life, our interests and how they change over time. The one constant through it all, the love of the open road and the wisdom it has to share with each of us.

"With the CD version, (entirely recorded by Larry), once you get through the credits for the publishing house, it was pleasant to listen to as it truly carried the cadence each poem carried"...

To read his poetry on one's own (without benefit of the CD), well that is a whole different experience...his poems hold the rhythm of life, of the road in them and your soul really identifies that.

They are poems filled with tidbits and pearls of wisdom and whimsy.

I found some of his poems profoundly moving.

For me, "Basically Black" was such a poem. It's simple and honest clarity speaks straight to your heart...

Another poem that I found particularly poignant - one that moved me deeply was "Brotherhood"

His depiction of two old soldiers, old road warriors, one dead, the other left behind and a lifetime of memories shared in only a few lines...the ending of that poem had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eyes.

Poem after poem he takes you on a ride - and you know this man has ridden all of his life, has felt, experienced, tasted - become - the rhythm of the road...

The "Asphalt Range" by Laurence P. Scerri, published by Flash Productions, is a book that I think many a ride will appreciate. It's honest...just like the road.

My hats off to you brother of the family are living that dream....

If you are interested in ordering the book, click here

To find out more about Laurence P Scerri, click here

The news feeds are full of interesting and strange tales today...

In BC - the coroner has released findings from a crash on the Malahat

In Arizona, riders are tackling the issue of harassment by the police

In Iowa, they are trying to push through a helmet bill aimed at teen riders

In Utah they have dropped the helmet bill

In Sacramento a pick up truck driver was found guilty of using his truck as a weapon against a motorcyclist

In Milwaukee, a police officer is suspended for 30 days after crashing his personal motorcycle into a light pole while drunk

In the EU - new restrictions on motorcycles for youth come into effect

In sports, the Circuit of Americas is launching VIP packages to bring fans of MotoGP closer to the action at the Austin TX event

In MotoGP action, Nickey Hayden is disappointed but Bradley Smith is elated

There are many other items in the feeds that may be of interest to you, check them out at where our work is keeping You informed!

Our Name the Beaver Mascot contest is going well - have you cast your vote for the best name yet?

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I leave you with a few funnies shared with me by friends on Facebook and via E-mail..laughter - what's life without laughter?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Belt Drive Betty,
Editor & Rider

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