I wrote an article on my time with the Iron Order MC in Edmonton recently and a lot of the people who decided to make some pointed remarks about the veracity of this Outlaw Motorcycle Club quoted articles written by the Aging Rebel in their argument that the Iron Order is a cop club and a bunch of posers who buy their patches.

The Iron Order MC has been on the receiving end of much wrath on the Aging Rebel blog.
The Internet is filled with information and mis-information and sometimes deciphering what is fact can be challenging. Often times there is just enough truth in something that is written as to make it appear credible.

Up until now I have largely ignored the Aging Rebel as the topics he generally covers are of no interest to we Canadians, or should I say this Canadian.  However, that has changed now that the Iron Order MC is here in Canada.

Around the time I wrote about my time with the Iron Order MC's Snow City Crew, there was a shooting that took place in Florida and a man died.

The two clubs involved are the Black Pistons MC and the Iron Order MC.
Reportedly a prospect of the Iron Order MC shot and killed a full patched member of the Black Pistons MC during a bloody fight.

There have been articles written by the Aging Rebel that make claims that this situation was somehow a murder.  According to various articles elsewhere, there have been contradictory statements and eye witness accounts offered up as "evidence" and the police in Jacksonville Florida released the "facts" that they are able to.

Watch the News Video here:

Because of one of his recent articles Feds Talk About The Iron Order,  where in the Aging Rebel claims that the Iron Order are now labelled an OMG by the ATF, I made a number of calls to the ATF and finally got through to a representative at the Public Affairs Office to have the referenced report verified.

The gentleman I spoke to spent several days looking into this report and the veracity of the information on the Aging Rebel Blog with regards to this report.

Here is what this spokesperson told me:
The report that the Aging Rebel refers to and quotes from is a 40 page unclassified report.

The spokesperson is not sure how the Aging Rebel came to be in possession of an emailed report that is meant for law enforcement personnel only. It is not meant for public consumption.

The spokesperson also told me that the snippet that appeared on the Aging Rebel Blog was taken out of context in terms of the greater report and that the writer of the report made a small mistake in how the 2 groups were designated in his description of an altercation between an OMG and the OMC.

He also expressed that the ATF does not designate who is an OMG and who is not, they simply deal with the violence that erupts as a result of the presence of any gang be they motorcycle related or street.

He verified with other agencies that the Iron Order MC is NOT deemed to be an OMG.

If you want to verify what I am writing here, you can do exactly as I did, call the Office of Public Affairs for the ATF  at (202) 648-8500.

Here is the quote from the Aging Rebel Blog:

Begin Quote: 

“In southern and central Maryland, the Iron Horsemen MC is furious that the Iron Order continues to don a three-piece patch. In the past 2 months, there have been several bloody confrontations between the two. On February 28, 2014, both were involved in a melee at a strip club in Baltimore. Iron Horsemen members were equipped with bats, knives, MagLite flashlights and hammers. Even though nobody was killed, both OMGs suffered major injuries. One week later, as three Iron Order members were idling at a red light in Prince George’s County, they were viciously attacked by several car loads of suspected Iron Horsemen members. Two of the three Iron Order members were severely beaten with bats, ax handles and crow bars. The assailants were not wearing colors or indicia that depicted they were Iron Horsemen members, supporters or associates.

“The Iron Order is one of the fastest growing motorcycle clubs in the United States. Members wear a traditional three-piece patch with a State bottom rocker. The fact that they wear the State bottom rocker has infuriated the HAMC, Outlaws, Iron Horsemen, Pagans and Bandidos. More importantly, many of their members are police and corrections officers, active-duty military and/or government employees and contractors.

“Over the past 4 years, the Iron Order has had several violent confrontations with each of the aforementioned OMGs. Per the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), in 2013, an Iron Order member was run off the road by a Bandidos member. In Clarksville, Kentucky, the Iron Order and Outlaws have been involved in several violent altercations. On May 14, 2011, HAMC South Carolina Nomads member William Sosebee stabbed an Iron Order member outside a bar in South Carolina. Despite the violence, they continue to move into territory controlled by one of the Dominant Seven.” End Quote

So why am I so interested in what is going on between clubs in Florida and the rest of the USA?

How could their "shit' down there possibly have anything to do with us in Canada?

  • Well, we have 5 chapters of the Iron Order MC in Canada, there are 8 or 9 chapters of the Outlaws MC in Canada.

  • Top that off with the announcement that the Outlaws have set up shop in Saskatoon where there is a chapter of the Hell's Angels.

  • Add in the tensions between the IO and the Black Pistons MC (a "puppet" or support club of the Outlaws MC AKA the AOA) after the shooting in Florida and the fact that there is an IO chapter in Edmonton.

There is a potential for rivalries and issues to flair.
We are after all discussing men and their territorial mind sets, these kinds of rivalries go all the way back in time to Cane and Abel....

I am not saying there will be trouble, but I am saying that we all need to be educated as to the politics and goings on in our community.


Well, these are after all Motorcycle Clubs and some of them may attend events that you attend.
If tensions get high, it could become unpleasant and potentially lethal, just look at what happened in Hollister a few weekends ago.

The MC world affects those of us who do not ride in that world in that they are the ones who generally get the headlines, aide in the creation of the visions others have of the rest of us who ride alone or with the various MRC's etc., and when they come to events, sometimes they bring the Gang Squads with them. When that happens we are all subject to being photographed and having our plates photographed by law enforcement.

Knowledge is power. 

It is far easier to stay out of any potentially bad situation when you know the players and the playing field. Being situationally and rivalry aware can help keep you out of harms way.

I am going to attempt to write a series of articles on the MC world and hopefully we will discuss the conflict between the Iron Order MC and the Black Pistons MC - the Outlaw MC (AOA)

I have interviewed a couple of members of the upper echelon of the Iron Order MC and have requested interviews with members of the upper echelons of the Florida chapters of the Outlaws MC.
I have not heard back yet from the Outlaws MC, but so far, 10 days later, no one has responded to me to discuss their position.

It is my hope that by creating some dialogue, that there can be an education of sorts in this community as to who is who and what is what.

If you want people to know about your club, who you are and what you represent - I want to hear from you:
bdbetty @ (remove the spaces).

The series of articles that I want to put forth is not meant to "push" or "condone" any one point of view but to educate those who want to be, on what the points of view, philosophies and values are of these clubs from their perspective.

How they resonate with you is up to you. What you take away from the articles is up to you.

My goal is to truly be a messenger of many, and educator so to speak, so that you can come away with a balanced and impartial perspective on the various factions, and decide on who you want to associate with or not.

Look for the first article soon...

In other news, Sturgis North AKA Sturgis Canada has, before they even got my counter offer to settle, offered me a second resolution - they would like to buy $1,000 worth of advertising and give me 30 - 4 day passes to their event to sell.  I have rejected that offer and my attorney has sent of my counter offer.  We shall see if there is a resolution there soon or not, in the meantime, I still have a $3,000 lawyer's bill I have to pay so we are holding an auction of SOA art which started yesterday with "Bobby" and will continue for another 8 days until all 9 Pieces are gone!

The Defense Fund Auction for Sons of Anarchy art  by Mark Mullen is on over at:

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Do you REALLY think that ANY Outlaw Motorcycle Club (they're Clubs, not gangs...just ask 'em) is going to allow you access to broker some kinda PR "education" campaign for them? Think again. For many years now, they have been extremely adept at "educating" people on their own. And if you're so damned worried about Gang Units and photographs, you'd best paint your bike pink, and quit trying to stand so close to the big, bad outlaws. Get a clue! The Rebel rules...

  2. Well Jess - I do not expect that those "Clubs" will talk to me, a female reporter from Canada.

    I have given them the invite and they have chosen not to respond - exactly as I expected. I personally am not to worried about the gang cops or the photographing, however, there are many here in Canada, which is a much kinder and gentler country that the US, who are concerned and want to be educated without a brawl breaking out.

    As more and more of the American Clubs move into our country, the politics, altercations and aggression become more intense. Our community here in Canada has double in size in the last 10 years and with that has come a whole ton of people who have no clue about the lifestyle or it's interesting challenges and how to avoid getting themselves in deep shit.

    My only goal is to educate people on how to walk into a beer garden and figure out who is who so they don't find themselves screwing up and getting themselves into a situation that they are ill equipped to handle. I'd like to prevent some broken bones and faces instead of the club guys providing the education.

    But - you being an American, you like fighting and war, that much is obvious by your degrading comments.

    I being female and Canadian prefer to educate and enlighten and prevent unnecessary collateral damage.

    There in lies the difference between male and female - Canadian and American.

    It is so sad that people can't just pass on the education and history without feeling the need to be macho, tough and degrading.

  3. I'm all female honey, and the 30+ year wife of a 1%er. I was trying to do you a favor, by fletting you know, in no uncertain terms, that you're over-stepping your bounds. All outlaw Clubs are Men's Clubs. Women have nothing to do with them, and never will. We simply have the honor of loving and taking care of some of the most righteous Men on the planet. You will NEVER be privy to any Club business, nor should you ever ask...but, If and when you do, and I have no doubt you will, you'll certainly get some education. And don't say I didn't tell ya so...

  4. I have no desire to know club business. I do however wish to educate those who are "uneducated". Attempting to prevent the carnage that comes from the uneducated treading in a world they know nothing about is not the same as wanting to know club business. Again, there in lie the difference between Americans and Canadians - you guys pride yourselves on handling issues with force and violence. If the old guard in our community passed on some education there would be a lot more harmony in this community.

  5. Stay in Canada- Keep sucking Iron Odor ass-

  6. "[S]ome of the most righteous Men on the planet."

    That is an absolute joke. Righteous? Give me a break. I think you mean SELF-RIGHTEOUS.

    I've been reading at Rebel about the IOMC, but it's, largely, non-sense about a supposed lack of "earning" a patch, but they don't know what goes on and it's really none of their business what that club does.

    The IOMC has a hang-around and prospecting period just like any club, but it's probably shorter. Why? BECAUSE IT CAN BE.

    Let's be honest. Despite the BS PR campaigns the outlaw clubs run, they use their clubs to conduct illegal activities. The local and federal police in America have informants and undercover people who run in those circles. They have agencies and task forces watching them. And despite the outlaw club's hollow protests and rants about government conspiracies, law enforcement has a trove of information that confirms what they're doing. They are not fooling anyone.

    The IOMC, on the other hand, is a LAW ABIDING club. They do not have to worry about being infiltrated by police or informants. Their hang-around and prospecting period can be shorter because they don't have to screen people the same way because they have nothing to hide.

    A felon CANNOT join the IOMC whereas some of the outlaw clubs won't even take you UNLESS you're a felon. There is only one reason for that. It is presumed that if you're a felon, then you're not a cop, and they don't want cops sniffing around their activities.

    It really burns some of these guys that the Iron Order is not laying down for the outlaw club commandments which portends to be the "rules of the road" for everyone else. It's a load of crap.

    Most sane people will accept neither the threat of going to jail hanging over their heads to ride with the "dominant" clubs nor will they accept the threat of being attacked or injured at the hands of these other clubs for riding down a public road.

    This partially explains the appeal of a club like the IOMC- ESPECIALLY to former 1% or outlaw club riders. It also explains why the IOMC is the fastest growing club in the United States from what I've read.

    They want the brotherhood and camaraderie without the threat of jail or injury. Why? Beyond the obvious of not wanting to waste years in prison or threat of injury, they have families.

    People want to ride and have a good time without that nonsense. They just want to have fun.

    Enjoyed the article, Betty.

  7. Dear Justice for Zach, you obviously don't know me too well.

  8. Anonymous1:08 PM

    So all Americans are barbarian brutes, and all Canadians are peaceful, patient law-abiding advocates of fairness? GTFOH lol

    At least TRY to be objective ffs.

  9. Dear Wayward Willie

    We do not have the same laws here, the gun laws are different, the whole scene here is very different from the US - and I have lived in the US so I don't say that lightly. For the most part we are a pretty mellow society, rather prudish in someways. Do we have criminals, arseholes and the like? YES, but the majority here are pretty pleasant, decent people unless they are stuck in traffic without their Tim Horton's coffee.

  10. Legal Bill you say. PAY IT..It was you big mouth that caused the problem in the first place and leave the biking community out of it....YOUR PROBLEM......

  11. William Tarras - if that's even your real name, you have no idea what you are talking about or the people in the motorcycle community I have helped over the Sturgis North Lawsuit so why don't you crawl back under the rock you came out from? I sold a ton of possessions to fight what is commonly referred to as a Nuisance Suit - A shot gun lawsuit started by a man who sued among 7 of us in one suit, a non profit and whose bill I and two others have been paying the freight for. (The Sicamous Chamber of Commerce) You sir are an assumptive ass.

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