The headline today is a quote from Anoop Prakash, Managing Director of Harley-Davidson's Indian taken from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article dated November 28th/09

"They have the economic trajectory, the right infrastructure development happening and the right consumer demand for global brands and global experiences," said Anoop Prakash, managing director of Harley-Davidson's Indian subsidiary, of the Indian economy.

I am curious about this move by Harley. 
Very curious - the country they are moving into is filled with people who are very traditional. "Small bikes sell so well because Indian consumers remain practical, said economist Biswajit Nag of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. The country has a high savings rate, and economic decisions are often subject to family debates, even for independent adults."

How does Harley intend to make money there?

"The luxury market here works like any luxury market anywhere in the world. The rich can afford and will buy," said Devraj Sanyal, a media CEO who splits time between Mumbai and New York. "The poor will only dream."

Sanyal, who estimated his annual salary at nearly $200,000, posed for a picture atop the Sportster. If their wives say yes, he and his best friend both want Harleys. They dream of taking their young daughters on road trips.

That leisure culture is Harley's goal in India, said Sanjay Tripathi, Harley's marketing director and cruising evangelist. He tells stories of his own rides through India's famed deserts of Rajasthan past sand dunes, camels and ancient palaces.

"The sand is hitting your face, the camels, their bells going 'tong, tong, tong,' the sun is going down, it's intoxicating," Tripathi said. "We want to bring that Harley cruising culture to all of India."

As the American Dream gets sold to the Indian Market  - With billions of people world wide, fed up with sound pollution - what are they, Harley-Davidson, going to do about the sound emissions on their machines? 

When you read what Harley is doing, then read what Zero Motorcycles and other electric motorcycle manufacturers are accomplishing...when you read what FIM is doing - all in the effort to reduce NOISE POLLUTION... My question is - is Harley simply moving into markets where it won't have to change or evolve for a long time to come - are they buying time to reinvent or are they sticking their heads in the sand?

Harley has always touted it's unique sound as why so many riders flock to the brand, that and it's roots/heritage. What will happen when that sound is muffled?

Harley has been one of the best examples of successful marketing for a good long while now. They want their bikes to be the Bentley/Rolls of the motorcycle industry. 
They want everyone to Dream of riding a Harley and get rich off the paraphernalia they sell to those who are either proud of their ownership or dreaming of ownership.
Their marketing has created huge brand loyalty and it's own brand of snobbery, but where will the brand be in 10 - 15 years time? How quiet will they be? How will it affect their marketing?

I'd love your feed back on this topic today:

Harley-Davidson & Noise Pollution - where is Harley-Davidson going to fit in the world/motorcycle community in 10 - 15 years time with the trends towards quieter motorcycles/vehicles that are a coming....

If you are lucky enough to be riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M.Can

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