I have been a member of Toys for Tots for a long time now. Every year we raise funds and toys to go to those who are not as blessed as some of the rest of us.

For me, my involvement with Toys for Tots is a pay it forward thing.
21 years ago my girl and I were the benefactors of bikers, their generosity and sense of family/brotherhood. I promised Doug McPherson all those years ago that I would pay the kindness forward and I have and will do so for as long as I draw a breath.

Toy runs are wonderful but the BEST day of the year is today, the first Saturday in December as we go out and spend over $20K on toys.

The sweetest phrase a woman can hear  is "You aren't done shopping yet" or "You haven't spent enough yet."

Imagine - with the toys we collected and the toys we will buy today, we will impact over 1,500 hundred kids. A core group of 10 - 15 riders who put the event together and the 4-500 riders who come out and the businesses who support us...

1,500 kids are going to have Christmas. To me this is my CHRISTMAS day.
I am honored, humbled and grateful to be a part of something with such POSITIVE impact.
I remember how grateful I was all those years ago when Nicky and I were in a spot and we were given food, COFFEE and gifts.

It only takes one person stepping up when their community needs them to to make a difference. Like one small pebble thrown into a lake, the ripple effect of the actions of ONE volunteer can be enormous and have such a POSITIVE effect. I hear it said often, but I am only one person, what can I answer, start - do something the resonates well with you, that feels right and just do it!

Volunteering is good for the soul, it's good Karma...

Have a fabulous day and if you are one of thsoe smart people who lives where its warm and you can ride...PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M.Can

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