Manitoba was the scene of another round up of members of the Hells Angels. 
34 people were arrested in Project Divide on Wednesday and another three yesterday.

"RCMP Sgt. Line Karpish said the investigation began in November 2008, targeting organized crime and street-crime activities that threatened public safety.
"We're dealing with guns. We're dealing with drugs. We're dealing with all kinds of criminal activities," she said. "We're not interested in victory. We're interested in impact." (From the Winnipeg Free Press Article)

A BC woman is suing her husband because ICBC won't help with her costs as she was unable to return to work...

Cpl Monty Robinson is a marked man...the outrage over what this man has done has sparked editorials and outraged comments from riders and the general public.

Here is one such editorial:

BCCOM was non too impressed either...They sent in a copy of an article from Katie Mercer at the Province:

The article is accompanied by a plea: The B.C. Coalition of Motorcyclists is extremely disturbed by the relatively minor charge laid against RCMP officer Monty Robinson stemming from Orion Hutchinson's death. The Coalition strongly feels that either the more serious charges ought to be pursued by Crown or there should be complete and transparent disclosure indicating the exact reasons why such charges are not appropriate.

Yesterday's press release on the matter was woefully inadequate and the motorcycling community can’t help but feel the outcome would be different had the situation been “Motorcyclist kills RCMP officer, drunk driving suspected”. The RCMP and the Legal system depend, in a large part, on the trust and faith placed in them by the public. The Coalition is eagerly awaiting a timely response from both the RCMP and the Crown.

Adele Tompkins, executive director
B.C. Coalition of Motorcyclists
Email: adele@bccom-bc.comnb
(604) 580-0111

PEACEFUL Rally organized by a fellow motorcyclist.
Surrey Provincial Court
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Surrey, BC
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December 8,2009
12 Noon
Main Lobby

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And while there is a ton more news that has been added to the site today, I want to draw your attention to the article on Henry Hurt, the man who authored the HURT Report (The “Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures, Volume 1: Technical Report”, better known as the “Hurt Report”, was published in 1981 following a review of over 900 accidents and 3,600 police reports.) Has passed away at 81.

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