It is true that life is what we make it.
It is also true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

We have the choice very day to be happy, to be grumpy...many times we act like it is everyone else's fault when we are sour on life or having a bad day.
But the honest truth is, it's OUR CHOICE.

We choose to be victims, we choose to get trampled on, we choose the out come based on our actions and mind set. We choose to succeed, triumph over adversity and be cheerful and exhibit daily the attributes that make one successful, triumphant or cheerful.
Bottom line is we choose. Every motivational speaker I listen to or read tells me the same thing...every life coach - their messages are all fundamentally the same.

On so many levels I get that- that we choose our outcomes and our destinies...
Sometimes however, I find it hard to remember that.

It is so draining dealing with people who are embarrassed, humiliated, saddened, scared, frustrated, name the negative emotion and that's what's swirling all around business owners and managers right now.

Every day, I try to look inward, to find my centre and my own light, my strength.
I think of the things that make me feel peaceful and hopeful, joyous and happy and then I tackle my day.

Lately I have to go to the well of my spirituality to find peace/comfort/strength three and four times a day. I have to talk to myself constantly to remind myself that this too shall pass.

I know a lot of people will think I am a wee bit off my rocker, but folks, I want your insight, your help, your guidance and ideas...why?

1: I value the opinions and ideas of my friends and my enemies - they help me grow and look for alternate solutions to the issues/challenges I am facing. I find inspiration in the darnedest of places.

2: I work by myself 95% of the time and the only interaction I have with people on a day to day basis is on the phone or by email. I get really lonely and really tunnel visioned.
I don't want to wear blinders all day - I want to spread my wings, expand my mind, grow my soul...that's hard to do by yourself.

The last time we went through this type of an economic melt down in the motorcycle industry was in July of 07. I could get out and ride my motorcycle. The magic that machine works on my brain  was available to me.

Here I am right now, staring at my motorcycle wishing,'s -20 and I won't be riding for a while.

I would welcome any guidance, help, suggestions, ideas on how to continue to stay positive and upbeat even when it feels like the world wants to drag your arse down...

What inspires you? What books, movies, poetry - how do you stay on top of it?
How do you keep it Together? Talk to me, tell me, share with me - PLEASE.

If you are lucky enough to be riding today, please, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and PLEASE - say an uplifting prayer for all of the little business people - share it with the wind and the universe and ask for prosperity and

Belt Drive Betty
National VP - A.I.M.Can

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