CYA - do you know what those three tiny and seemingly innocuous letters mean?
Cover YOUR ASS and man did RCMP Cpl. Benjamin Monty Robinson do a great job of it.

This man who killed a rider, fled the scene to "protect" his children, reportedly had 2 shots of Vodka at home...this "man" and I sue that term loosely is IMHO a lying, dirt bag piece of garbage who should be FORCED to give up his badge. Read the news feeds on my site, any site or turn on the boob's sickening.

He is getting off with OBSTRUCTION CHARGES. I will NEVER, ever trust an RCMP officer again after this stunt and folks, I mean that with all sincerity. I have ZERO faith in them.
In fact - our whole judicial system stinks just like the Montreal Construction scene does.

In other news...
Lethbridge is going to become a wee bit quieter - Temple Hill race track had garnered complaints for early morning noise promting the county of Warner to draft a noise bylaw...well the Lethbridge Motorcycle Club proposed some new changes to their track times and now the whole noise bylaw will have to be revised. It appears the area residents will have until February to add their thoughts to the new bylaw.

The BMW Motorcycle collection hailed as the largest collection of it's kind was sold at auction recently shattering the predictions of what the vehicles would bring.
Willy Neutken had 94 motorcycles and the Guinness World Book of Records had authenticated the BMW dealers collection as the largest of it's kind.

Only 50 subscribers left to go and so far, EVERYONE is renewing on line! Then I have a dozen advertisers to call and year end books to finish. The new event calendars - well I am plugging away at getting information into them. My goal is that by the time the January Bike Shows hit, we will be in great shape information wise.

I have booths at all three Alberta Shows and Grande Prairie Regional Tourism is taking our stuff to Vancouver for us since both Red Deer and Vancouver are the same weekend.

Yes re-inventing one's business and self is not a bad thing!

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M. Can

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