It's winter time in Canada so I guess it shouldn't surprise one when they wake up to snow, but this morning I had such a warm heart I thought it would be all melted.

BDB with a warm heart you ask? was given to me as a gift yesterday when I was volunteering at the Salvation Army.

The day had started off a wee bit rough but the decision to go and be of service to others changed my outlook and my day. I was working with an older French gal named Mary who is a regular volunteer at the Sally Ann. What a sweetheart. As she and I emptied boxes from the various food bank efforts and sorted the goods into bins, veggies here, pastas over there, soups in another set of bins...It was heavy work and I marveled at this sweet little old lady who did the work so cheerfully. It felt good to do something that had value to others - my soul needed it that's for sure.

If you ever find yourself feeling blue, out of sorts - go volunteer somewhere for a couple of hours, you'll be amazed at how your whole outlook changes.

In the news:
Harley-Davidson is extending its warranty on it's motorcycles.

Kawasaki has cut all of it's AMA Road Racing Schedule saying they may return when the economy improves.

 Cycle Trader has announced it's new Iphone app. Now you can scroll through over 140K ads on your phone...

Texting and talking on your phone is becoming illegal as of January 1/10 in most Canadian provinces...and should be almost a clean sweep by this fall.

And last but not least - another RCMP officer finds himself drawing desk duty for drinking and driving...

If you live where it warm enough to be riding, think of me and all of my friends who are bound up with PMS...and then please, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you....

Belt Drive Betty
National VP - A.I.M.Can

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