Like every year, we have a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner, our home is filled with friends and after they leave, we open presents. Christmas morning is reserved for sleeping in. Hence why it is 4:30am and I am just writing now! (For me that's a great sleep in, I am generally up and at 'em by 3 - 3:30am!)

I woke up this morning feeling inspired! You see hubby and I have a deal, we give each other a list of things we'd like to have but never seem to buy for ourselves. With money being tight for everyone our lists this year were filled with very practical things.

For me I wanted books on small business training -  I have never been to college, don't have the time, the energy or the inclination to go back to school but the desire to learn, to become a real business person not just someone who turned a hobby into a business - that's alive and well.

Hubby got me some great books that I can't wait to dig into. "Work Less and Do More" by Jan Yager , "The Myth of Multitasking" by Dave Crenshaw and "Awaken your Strongest Self" by Neil Fiore were the three he chose from my list.  Obviously my husband knows his wife!
He also got me a locking diary/journal to keep my goals in.

I am thrilled with my Christmas presents - I know that like every book I read they will bring me new tools, new perspectives and new ideas and that excites me!

Hubby also got very practical gifts. A very special organizer for his garage as he is always complaining about the rakes and hoes, brooms etc that fall over and clutter up his world. He also got a new shop vac to replace the old one that cratered a few weeks ago.

I love a hassle free Christmas and this one ranks right up there so far as one of the least stressed out Christmases I have ever spent! Having only a little money was a good thing I think as it forced us to really look at what is important and to do more with less, to be creative and loving - and I gotta say - I think we hit the mark!

I would LOVE to hear what Santa brought you this year...

In the news today...
The Bernice MacNaughton High School Bike Klub got a spanky new web site - it is BEAUTIFUL!

Paul Sr got Paul Jr of the OCC fame the BEST Christmas Present Jr will get from dad for a while - a LAWSUIT!

In Prince George BC, the grieving parents of a young man killed on his motorcycle this summer are celebrating community as opposed to Christmas...

May this day bring you love, laughter, peace, joy, family, friends and turkey!

If you are one of the lucky to live where you can ride, please, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M.Can

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