I have about 10 pages of tomorrow's paper left to lay out and a ton of phone calls ahead of me today. I feel like I can get through any of it now that I have had a night's sleep in my own bed snuggled up to my man.

It is amazing how rejuvinating for one's soul it is, sleeping in your own bed and being surrounded by people you love.

The news feeds are pretty quiet this morning, although you might find the article on the best innovations in policing an interesting one.

I do want to draw your attention to a distracted drivers study that was organized in the GTA by Shaun de Jager - our very own Lonley Rider. He had the Toronto Police Services and the Young Drivers of Canada involved and the results are rather impressive.... It was covered by the CBC.

As the National VP of the Alliance for Injured Motorcyclists Canada - I am so pleased to be seeing others in this country taking the initiative to educate their fellow driver and riders about the dangers and how to minamized them. GREAT JOB Shaun!

Justice for All Rally - Jan 29th 2010 -   Just a reminder to all that the next rally is set for this Friday January 29th 2010 at 9am at the Surrey BC Provincial Courthouse.
This is Monty Robinson's arraignment hearing and he has to attend in person.

Here is the Facebook Group Link:

VRide TV has been making headway with the BC Tourism Commission and has had a second video approved by them. If you can, I would appreciate you voting for it as the more we can get tourism departments working with riders to promote riding the better off we all are! 

As you can see from the Hug meters of the home page of Edmonton took top honors in the Hug department this year by just edging out Calgary. 
Red Deer did pretty well considering that I spent 8 hours sick as a dog after getting carbon monoxided on Saturday. I am hyper sensetive to carbon monoxide as I have in the past been gassed. It was NO fun missing out on the Red Deer motorcycle show's busiest day but there you have it. Although I enjoyed the entertainment of the Second Gear Club and the Ive's Brothers I would have enjoyed it far better had the exhaust fans in the Westerner's Agri Centre actually been working the way they were supposed to.

I need to run as I have a wickedly busy day ahead (don't get me wrong I am looking forward to it - ecspecially since I am in my own office surrounded by my things!)

If you are one of those fortunate souls who is riding their motorcycle today, please ride it like everyone around you is blind  distracted and can not see you. For the rest of you, you have 4 days left to get your entries in for the 2010 Beat the PMS Blues On Line Show 'n' Shine!

Have a fabulus day,

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M.Can

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