I write a blog post/editorial just about every day. Some days I sit down at the computer and I wonder what I am going to write about. Generally I find inspiration from the news feeds unless I have been at an event that provides me with the ideas and fodder for an article.

I have been accused of being too negative - I have been told I should simply be the vehicle for discussion by others and I should not proffer an opinion...some days you are the windshield and some you are the bug...what am I today? You decide...because I am more than a wee bit pissed....

Another RCMP officer makes headlines for his misconduct and is most probably getting his job back due to job related stress..."Justice Michael Phelan has quashed a decision by beleagured RCMP brass to dismiss Constable Manuel Pizarro for attempting to make a fraudulent vehicle insurance claim, saying senior management chose to ignore evidence of a connection between the officer's illegal behaviour and stress created by his job." National Post

Hmmm...because the RCMP failed to recognize the man's behaviour was due to job related stress. I have been saying for a long time that the RCMP does not look after its own well. Finally someone whose opinion HAS to count is saying the same thing. What has me pissed is it takes tragedy before an organization like the RCMP is held accountable for it's staff.  It was the same with the Armed Forces. Too many soldiers were coming home, wreaking havoc, being charged with crimes and dishonorably discharged when what they needed was support and councelling.

These jobs are horrid jobs - I couldn't do them - killing, fearing being killed or beaten. Nope, that's not the life I would choose. But for those special men and women who choose those jobs, jobs of protection where in killing and violence are the norm - WHY THE HELL does it have to come to deplorable behaviour BEFORE anyone gets these people help?  The Brass of the RCMP in each detachment needs some major training in how to spot the warning signs of PTSD. The Brass needs to be held accountable for the mind games that get played on the one is more vicious than a righteous cop investigating a fellow cop that is suspected of being dirty like in the case above.  I have no answers - no solutions to the problem other than getting the commanding officers and their upper echelon staff in each detachment some training and making sure that officers get assistance before they become problem drinkers etc... Your thoughts and opinions on this topic are gratefully accepted folks...

The 2010 Red Deer Motorcycle Show is over for another year - many are speculating about the shows ability to go on as the number of vendors was so low this year. Again some people were pissed about the size of the show - some were pissed as was I over the new parking charge at the Westerner...

I hope the Red Deer motorcycle show continues on and grows. It is the ONLY show that treats vendors like they are a valued commodity. Continental breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday mornings, hot lunch on Saturday and lunch again on Sunday. Goodie bags were given to all of us. Yes there were disappointments - yes there were things that need to be addressed for next year but over all Crystal and Beckie for total rookies - did an AMAZING job of making lemon  meringue pie out of the lemons they were given. Bad economy, high venue prices - new parking charges and wild weather...these two gals did an incredible job and despite it all the show was a good one..kudos ladies - you did a great job in my opinion for whatever that is worth.

In the news today: The MIC in the US is reporting the worst motorcycle sales in a decade.

PEI is announcing its first Red Island Rally 

And Trikes are set to be the next BIG thing in Motorcycles as more aging boomers trade in two wheels for three.

If you are a fortunate soul who is riding your motorcycle - please ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

For the rest of you - there are 6 days left to get your motorcycle entered in to our Beat the PMS Blues On Line Show 'n' Shine - on February First we will be opening up voting and at the beginning of March we will be giving away over $5K in prizes! So get your motorcycle added, then get your friends lined up to help you win by voting for you, may the best bike and the persons with the best network of friends WIN!

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M.Can

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  1. I agree with you. these jobs can be mentally as well as physically, very taxing